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The Health Benefits of Hypnosis

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Margaret Radford

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Margaret Radford’s company Breathe to Live specialises in helping people achieve their goals using hypnotherapy. She has helped many people quit cigarettes and reach their ideal weight in 60 minutes with a great success rate.
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Sep 03, 2021

The Health Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used through the years for many purposes, such as helping people remember repressed memories tucked away in their subconscious mind, it has been used by police departments to solve crimes, and it has been used by stage hypnotists for entertainment. More recently, it has also been used in conjunction with medical treatments for pain control, professional sports and education, but most importantly hypnosis has been used by therapists to help improve peoples' health. The power of hypnosis allows people to conquer their fears and anxieties and all without the use of dangerous drugs, chemicals, pain, pills, patches or needles.

Breathe To Live, using hypnosis, has helped many  people to easily and permanently quit cigarettes, and we have also helped many people to successfully reach their ideal weight.

A vital component of hypnotherapy sessions, hypnosis is a safe, positive and relaxing process of slowing down the brain activity to get to a trance-like state. Its success is due to the therapist tapping into the natural power of the unconscious mind.

How Does a Hypnotic Experience Work?

Our minds work on two levels. The first being our conscious mind which we use to think, plan and make decisions. We get out of bed and go to work using our practical conscious mind.

The unconscious mind is even more powerful as it controls our habits, imagination, belief systems, and even false memories. It is also there to protect and keep us safe.

The reason that hypnosis works is that "going into a hypnotic trance" is a natural part of the human mind. Have you ever driven your car and the next thing you know you have arrived safely at your destination? You drove safely because driving has become so familiar to you as you drive so regularly that it has become a habit. Your unconscious mind controls your habits.

So what is hypnosis? It is merely the induction of a state of unconsciousness. Using a deep relaxation technique, the hypnotized person becomes highly responsive to positive suggestions with reduced peripheral awareness (closed eyes). The unconscious mind responds better to positive suggestions eg. don't think of a green car. You automatically think of a green car. It is a natural human condition of a heightened sense of awareness  with an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestions. All you feel is relaxed as it is a mentally relaxed state, which is safe because the unconscious mind controls our value systems and is designed to protect us. 

Who Can Reap the Positive Effects of Hypnosis?

As the unconscious mind is designed to protect us, this means a person can only be hypnotised if they choose to. They can only respond to the positive suggestions if they choose to. The therapist does not have control over your brain during hypnosis sessions, and the brain-body connection that they wish to establish through hypnosis will only work if you are compliant and want this therapy to work. The more you mentally accept the suggestions, the more powerful the therapy will be.

Breathe To Live has been practising in Perth for over ten years and the clients leave feeling positive, relaxed and looking forward to utilising their new resources to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

FAQs About Hypnosis

How effective is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tried-and-tested method that can improve your physical health, control stress and inspire optimism. Comparing clinical hypnosis with other forms of therapy, studies show that clinical hypnosis has an overall 93% success rate.

What can be treated with hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for treating a wide range of conditions affecting the mind, body and emotions. Chronic pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, fears and phobias, addiction and panic attacks are among the conditions it is used for.

Can someone with ADHD be hypnotized?

Yes, it definitely can. People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may benefit from hypnosis just as those with other conditions might. With the help of hypnosis, ADHD children and adults can become more aware and more in charge of their behavior.

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