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Health & Wellness Trends for 2021

Health & Wellness
Jun 04, 2021

Health & Wellness Trends for 2021

Health and wellness are key to achieving your dream life. When you are free from illness and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can do anything you set your heart and mind to. However, these two words are often overshadowed by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted the normal way of living, but it has definitely overturned people's take on health and wellness. From being occasional activities, preparing healthy foods, exercising daily and keeping one's mental health in check have become part and parcel of many people's lives globally over the past year. To continue this momentum towards a sound mind, body and spirit, this article takes you through the top health and wellness trends for 2021.

Eating With a Purpose

The safety and lockdown measures that were put into place in 2020 to ensure social distancing yielded more positive results besides curbing the spread of the virus. It taught people how to prepare healthy meals and has given them a good reason to veer away from highly processed food.

Mindful eating emerged as an interesting trend, and many started developing plant-based diets, finding it to be a healthier and cost-effective way of keeping diseases at bay and maintaining active minds and bodies. In fact, the popularity of plant-based protein, which you couldn't tell apart from ground pork or beef, is expected to increase this year. The role of food goes beyond satisfying hunger, and many people have come to realise this. So, this year will see more people exploring healthful ingredients and cooking methods. 

Boosting Immunity

Boosting your immunity through proper nutrition

Not so long ago, the phrase immune system did not weigh heavily in people's conversations. But, as the World Health Organization (WHO) and healthcare professionals in all parts of the globe continued to stress that supporting the immune system is the only way to beat the coronavirus pandemic, people turned to healthy recipes and started taking supplements that are rich in magnesium, zinc and vitamins A, C, D and E as well as B-complex. According to healthcare forecasts, people will continue to focus more on boosting their immunity than treating illnesses. 

Getting Ample Sleep

Just like eating healthy food products and taking nutritional supplements, getting enough sleep contributes to a strong immune system. In fact, sleep experts say adults should be getting at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to recharge their minds and bodies. From sleeping 5 hours or less, many of us have mastered the art of sleeping longer in the past year because we spend more time at home, not to mention the bed just a few steps away.

Even people who used to struggle with sleep because of their mind's ceaseless activity have found a solution thanks to sleep devices that mimic dawn and dusk. These new innovations in sleep technology regulate the body's circadian rhythm, hence making it easier to doze off.


Telehealth & telemedicine boost in 2021

Telehealth and telemedicine are the new buzzwords in the healthcare industry, with a strong focus on mental health. As we are all social beings by nature, staying indoors for a long time and constantly hearing conversations about death will unsurprisingly take a toll on one's health. Medical professionals, counsellors and natural therapists have turned to communication platforms available on the internet to safely deliver clinical and non-clinical healthcare services. 

Home Workouts

Regular exercise is key to supporting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It supports heart health, regulates blood sugar, improves circulation and enhances mental clarity. However, the closure of fitness centres have left many nowhere to turn but home.

People started working out at home, and it's now one of the growing wellness trends for 2021. Even people who have never set foot in a gym are now drawn to fitness technologies in the hope of maintaining physical health and mental soundness. The demand for online classes in yoga, meditation, qigong and other mind-body therapies has also seen a rapid increase. Although gyms, yoga studios and other fitness facilities are gradually reopening, it's less likely for people to give up on current fitness trends that they have grown to love.


In addition to walking, hiking and running, gardening has grown in popularity over the past year and is expected to continue bringing out the green thumb in everyone this year. It's one of many people's favourite outdoor activities because tending to a patch of land in their yard is not only a great physical activity that allows them to grow beautiful plants and flowers; it also diverts their mind from negative thoughts and feelings.

Home gardening for health & wellness

Caring for the Community

Health and wellness is no longer a personal goal. Because of the pains the coronavirus pandemic has brought about, everyone has learnt to adopt a selfless mentality and look out for the welfare of others in their community. If someone is sick, you look after what they left behind whether it's their yard or their children. While the lockdown measures in Australia are gradually easing up and the lives of people are slowly returning to normal, helping others in any way that they can is a trend that many would love to continue in the years to come.  

These health and wellness trends for 2021 offer a host of health benefits for the mind, body, emotions and spirit. There's no better time to start than today! To make them more fun and memorable, have your family members and friends join in.

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FAQs About Health & Wellness Trends in 2021

What are technology trends in healthcare?

The healthcare industry has adopted augmented reality and virtual reality to provide students and professionals with a richer and more genuine experience. These technology trends are also beneficial to patients who have suffered a stroke as it enhances their motor skills.

What is telemedicine visit?

Telemedicine refers to the use of telephones and technology devices like computers and smartphones to deliver remote healthcare services. A patient books a consultation with a health professional through their preferred communication platform instead of visiting them in their clinic.

What are the health trends issues and concerns?

Everyone is unique and so are their health issues. Research shows that the top concerns of people who seek professional help include nutrition, obesity, substance abuse, mental health, injury and violence, sexually transmitted diseases and environmental factors.

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