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Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt 101: What is it & what is it for?

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Last Updated Jan 26, 2021

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt 101: What is it & what is it for?

Himalayan crystal rock salt is the cleanest salt available on the planet and contains all of the elements that can be found in the human body. This type of salt is absolutely pristine and is identical to the ancient oceans, as it was naturally dried up by the sun over a million years ago.

What is Himalayan crystal rock salt?

Himalayan crystal rock salt contains 84 of the 92 trace minerals known to man, and no other natural or man-made salt has contained this many minerals. Also, the salt contains minerals in the same proportions as the human body does.  As well as the vital minerals like magnesium and calcium, it has the other necessary minerals. Many minerals need other trace minerals to work so it is important to have the correct variety as well as the correct proportions for the minerals to properly work in the body, and Himalayan crystal rock salt contains all of these.

Himalayan crystal rock salt comes from a large salt lake that naturally dried and was protected from pollution, contamination and man’s influence by being underneath the earth’s surface.  The salt was being hand mined from underground caves.

Why does the body need salt?

Salt is as important to the human body as water is. The body needs almost half a kilogram of salt at any point in time to maintain optimal functioning.  Salt is necessary for the normal functioning of bodily processes such has metabolism, the absorption of water, mineral nutrition, and the electrical communication between the cells.

On average, a person consumes around twenty grams of salt per day, but the kidneys are only able to flush up to five to seven grams.  The excess salt builds up as deposits in the arteries, which causes them to harden and increase blood pressure.

Uses for Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt

By reducing drastically the intake of traditional rock salt, and choosing to use Himalayan crystal rock salt instead can give several significant benefits to the body.  A gram per day, or the amount that can be fitted onto a five cent coin, can help the metabolic processes of the body and help reduce any built up deposits in the arteries.  The salt can be used straight on the food, or the whole crystals can be dissolved in water to make brine with a 26 percent concentration. This brine can be taken daily – a teaspoonful is all needed.  If you wish to avoid the salty taste and at the same time, hydrate yourself, just add a teaspoon of it to a litre of pure water.

You can also use it to help with sinus problems, as a warm compress for pain or various injuries, as a mineral salt, as an eyebath,a gargle or mouthwash, to heal cuts, and lastly, as a skin scrub.

Lamps made of Himalayan crystal rock salt are also available and are being used to improve the quality of indoor air, balance electromagnetic radiation, and energise and nourish the mind with their ambience and colour.

Himalayan crystal rock salt benefits

There are several benefits to Himalayan crystal rock salt which include:

  • remineralising the body with minerals and trace elements essential to good health
  • assisting in the cellular absorption of minerals
  • replenishing the body’s electrolytes and balancing the pH level
  • bringing about significant improvements in the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems
  • improving the connective tissue in the organs

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Originally published on May 03, 2018

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