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How to Become an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Conventional over-prescribed and ineffective medicines are on the way out. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), alongside other non-medicinal, non-invasive treatments, are becoming increasingly vital and popular treatment alternatives.

Working as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner is a rewarding career centered on interpersonal connection, emotional improvement, and greater wellness for yourself and others.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy?

EFT is a form of alternative medicine introduced in the late 1990s through Gary Craig’s “Emotional Freedom Technique Handbook”. It involves the use of the fingertips and touching sensations, called tapping, to stimulate specific acupuncture meridians. These are small, specific pressure points on the face, hands, and upper body which the practitioner works on to release energy blocks such as:

  • Anger 
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Pain
  • Unnatural Cravings 

What Does it Take to Become an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner?

A good EFT practitioner bears both innate and acquired healing skills. As well as being naturally patient, empathetic, compassionate and a good listener, they have earned their professional qualifications from a reputable school that offers accredited EFT training programs.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

To become a certified EFT practitioner in Australia, you have to obtain the necessary qualifications from a certification program that is recognised by EFT International and other professional EFT bodies.

Level 1 EFT is an introductory course that covers the history of EFT and different tapping points. This qualification limits your practice of EFT to family members and friends. Undertaking the Level 2 Practitioner EFT Practitioner Certification program provides you with advanced qualifications for practising the modality in a professional capacity. Here, you’re going to learn different aspects of energy healing, counselling, and psychology in-depth, as well as fundamental business applications for running your private practice. 

Where Can I Study EFT?

Natural Therapy Pages offers a wide selection of accredited EFT schools and learning institutions in Australia such as:

Students are trained by experienced EFT practitioners whose knowledge and expertise allow them to immerse themselves in experiential learning.

Moreover, you’ll find schools like Health and Harmony Colleges offering distance education to students who require more flexible study hours. Taking an online EFT course allows you to study at your own pace and earn your qualification on the date you’ve set. 

What are the Career Outcomes of EFT Training?

Graduates of an accredited EFT training program go on and work in various healthcare environments and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to treat a wide range of health issues. Others set up their private practice, which provides their clients with a safe and nurturing environment to facilitate their healing. 

As a certified EFT practitioner, you are also eligible to gain membership in EFT International, which maintains high standards of performance in the Australian and international EFT communities.

The path to becoming an EFT practitioner may not be straight, but investing time and effort in honing your skills will lead to a rewarding career that’s pivotal to the health and wellness of others.

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Originally published on Jul 21, 2020

FAQs About Becoming an EFT Practitioner

What is an EFT practitioner?

An EFT practitioner focuses on clearing the energy system of the body to eliminate negative emotions that are responsible for a slew of physical and emotional health disorders. They use the EFT Tapping method to eliminate emotions that are a result of past traumas.

How do I get EFT certified?

To become a certified EFT practitioner, you have to complete the level 2 EFT practitioner training. While level 1 takes you through the theory of EFT, level 2 equips you with various tapping techniques for treating a range of emotional disorders.

How do I start an EFT practice?

Before you can set up your EFT private practice, you have to undertake a training program that is recognised by professional EFT organisations. Upon completion of your studies, hone your skills by getting general experience from working in different healthcare environments.

How much does an EFT practitioner make?

The salary of an EFT practitioner varies according to the nature of their work, location, and level of experience. But on average, they can earn anywhere from $65K to $77K a year.

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