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How to Choose a Massage Course

How to Choose a Massage Course

Would you like to study massage – either for fun or to embark on a new career? Choosing the right massage course is crucial. Don’t know where to start? Just consult our handy guide on how to choose a massage course:

Compare courses

Your first step is to load up with information on different courses. If it’s possible, head along to open days – or ask for an appointment with an admissions officer, so you can ask personal questions about the course and what’s involved. If that’s not possible, carefully compare course brochures and prospectuses, and see what past students have said.

Set your intention

It’s really important to consider why you want to study massage. If it’s just to explore a new passion and massage friends and family, a simple online course could be fine.
But if you want to practice massage in Australia, you’ll want to enrol in a course that’s accredited by an industry association – like the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT). The program should also be nationally recognised and run by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) regulated by the government. Bear in mind that while the industry is unregulated in Australia, an accredited course will help you stand out in the industry – and provide clients with peace of mind that you’re qualified.

Sign up for a taster course

Some massage schools offer shorter courses or taster sessions, so you can try it out and see if you’d like to delve deeper. These will usually cost less, too, so you can get sense of a career in massage before investing in a more intensive program.
Of course, if your intention is to practice massage as a hobby, a shorter course can be enough to get you on your way. 

Questions to ask about massage courses

Once you have a good sense of your options, you might like to ask these questions about each course:

  • How is the course delivered? Some schools offer online or distance learning, while others require you to be on campus and undertake practical assessments.
  • How long will the course take? Can I study at my own pace – or do I need to stick to a schedule?
  • Who will take the course, and what are their qualifications and experience? Teachers can make a big difference to your learning journey, so be sure to choose a course run by people who know their stuff.
  • How much does the massage course cost? Are fees due up-front, or can I get a loan or other support to pay for it?

With answers to these questions, you’ll be in a better position to choose a massage course that’s right for you. And when you are, you can compare massage courses here on ntpages.

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