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Personal Development Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology who is best known for her angel therapy – a non-denominational method of spiritual healing that works with a person's guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of their life. Besides conducting workshops and engaging in public speaking, Doreen is a prolific author with more than 20 books to her name, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels. ntpages caught up with her ahead of an Australian appearance at ‘I Can Do It! 2011’ – a conference hosted by Hay House Australia and featuring a veritable who’s who of high profile authors, including Deepak Chopra and Robert Holden amongst others.

How would you describe your spirituality?

“I was raised in a non-traditional Christian household where we used prayer to heal everything – from our childhood scrapes and illnesses and everything else! I remember my Mom praying over our broken washing machine and automobile . . .and bringing them back to life! I know firsthand the power of prayer and I have expanded my viewpoint to incorporate the beautiful parts of all world religions. As a child, I had many mystical experiences with angels which helped me to know that we are all watched over and protected by guardian angels. These angels love us unconditionally and want to be more connected with us and more involved in our daily lives.”

Was there a specific inspiration for your life journey?

“There are SO many, but the biggest life-altering experience happened when the angels saved my life in 1995 during an armed car-jacking in Southern California. The experience was just as terrifying as it sounds, but fortunately God and the angels saved my life. Afterward, I devoted myself to going around the world and teaching that the angels are very real and that they want to help all of us.”

You seem to have incorporated elements of a number of religions into your spirituality – tell us a little about this?

“Thank you, yes, I have high respect for all religions. I believe that all religions share common bonds and are a pathway for many people to feel close to God. My prayer is that we will all focus upon what we agree upon. At my workshops, I normally have audience members of many different religious and non-religious backgrounds sitting together. The one thing that unifies them is their common love for angels.”

Does everyone have guardian/archangels angels?

“Speaking as a life-long clairvoyant, yes every person I’ve ever seen has at least two guardian angels with them at all times. What’s obvious, of course, is that not everyone listens to their angels. The angels won’t push their help upon people because they can’t violate our free will choices.”

In a practical sense can angels help me in day to day life?

“Oh yes, definitely! The angels’ mission is to help all of us to be at peace and to be happy. So the angels want to help with anything that brings you peace, even if it’s something “small” like finding a great parking space. They want to be involved in every aspect of your life, including your career, relationships and health.”

In your view how do prayer and meditation differ – do they serve a different purpose?

“There is a distinction. Prayer is our means of talking to God, and Meditation is our way of listening.  I really encourage everyone to have conversations with God and their guardian angels, in the same real and heart-centred way that you’d talk with a dear friend.  It doesn’t matter what words you use or which technique . . . or even if you talk aloud or through your thoughts. It doesn’t matter HOW you talk with heaven . . . what matters is that you DO talk with heaven.”

Describe your daily routine and how it helps you?

“Living in Hawaii, the weather is pretty uniform each day so I spend every day outdoors. I have several dogs and they keep me busy with playtime, walks, etc.  I talk with my angels continuously, just as you would talk with a beloved housemate continuously. I also exercise daily, as I have been guided to keep my body strong and healthy with fitness routines and an organic vegan diet.”

What message do you have for your fans in Australia?

“I believe that Australians serve as role-models for the rest of the world, as the majority of people I meet in your country are very open-hearted, kind, and open-minded. I feel that the land of Australia is very powerful and supportive, and that as a whole, the country helps to anchor peace on our planet. The main message the angels have for Australians is: “Don’t delay your happiness for some elusive future moment when you believe your conditions will be better. Instead, do your best to enjoy this present moment. There’s always something good about every situation if you’ll look for it. Your happiness now is a magical high energy which attracts every good situation that you could desire. Being happy now is the best way to insure your future happiness.”

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