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How to Become the Go-to Acupuncturist in Your Area

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Last Updated Oct 20, 2020

Nothing can be more rewarding than a career in acupuncture, helping others overcome their health problems in the most natural way. It's no wonder that this modality is widely used in all parts of the world that it even turned out to be the most common form of holistic practice, according to the World Health Organisation's (WHO) global survey.

So, if you hold a bachelor's degree in acupuncture or TCM, your chances of reaping success are as high as the sky. However, if you want success to happen for you in the immediate future, aim for becoming the go-to acupuncturist in your area. Sounds close to impossible? Perhaps not if you apply these five components of success.

1. Talk About the Benefits of Acupuncture Rather Than Its Features 

People will try all sorts of treatment to get rid of their ailment, especially if the benefits of the treatment have been communicated clearly to them. In the case of acupuncture, it's vital to explain what conditions it can treat, emphasizing its success rate.

Focus your blog post, YouTube video or vlog, on the wonderful benefits of acupuncture to the body, as well as anxiety, depression, stress, and the like. Potential clients want to see how it can transform their lives before deciding to give it a try.

2. Be Accessible

Nobody wants to go over hills and mountains to achieve impeccable health, not even for an acupuncture treatment. However, this doesn't mean you should invest in an expensive property in the middle of the city so that people can easily find you. By accessible, we mean being available and accommodating when people need you. 

Keep your eyes peeled for emails or private messages coming from your customers. Staying in touch with them is of utmost importance because there are other acupuncturists out there who are more than willing to attend to them if you couldn't. The kind attention you give your clients speaks volumes about your dedication to your career.

3. Collaborate With Other Healthcare Providers

Collaborating with other health professionals in your community is crucial to your career because it will help you to enhance your treatment methods. The more that you understand what they do to create a healthy community, the deeper you will want to go into your practice. This quality of openness and congeniality will, no doubt, drive more referrals your way.

4. Acquire New Skills

As the world evolves, so do healing techniques and processes. Don't be complacent with what you know or have. Be open to new information, such as the latest industry practices, so that you will always have something new to offer your clients. Enriching yourself translates to customer satisfaction, which quickly trickles down by word of mouth.

You can take a couple of Continued Professional Education (CPE) courses that can help you improve or add to your knowledge as a natural health practitioner.

5. Join the Natural Therapy Pages

The fact that you're reading this article only means that you were led here by a kind spirit to grow your acupuncture business. Creating a business profile on the Natural Therapy Pages will not only expand your clientele but also turn you into the go-to acupuncturist in your local area if not the whole of Australia. 

Although paved with tremendous hard work (and occasional failures and disappointments), your road to success will be easier to travel if you can work with tens and thousands of clients each month.

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Originally published on Oct 06, 2020

FAQs About Marketing a Acupuncture Business

How long does it take to be an acupuncturist?

Acupuncture is a four-year university degree. It covers the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture as well as units in anatomy and biology. You also have to undertake a clinical placement before you can graduate.

How do you become a certified acupuncturist?

To be a qualified acupuncturist in Australia, you have to complete a bachelor's degree program recognised by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) and then gain membership with the same organisation.

Is acupuncture a good career choice?

If you're looking for a holistic way to heal, you will find acupuncture truly rewarding. As an acupuncturist, you can relieve others of their pain and treat a variety of health conditions by working with the energy systems of the human body.

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