Money: a Natural Therapy Taboo

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Do you find it difficult to ask your clients for payment?

It is amazing how many therapists, who are so confident performing their session, avoid eye contact and mumble when it comes to asking for money.

So why do highly trained, experienced practitioners struggle to ask for payment? It seems that the answer is mostly a lack of self-confidence.

Sure, we want to provide a healing and nurturing environment for clients but we, as natural therapists, struggle to recognise that we are providing a professional service and our clients book an appointment
expecting to pay for that service.

When you go to the shop and buy groceries do you expect to pay for them? Of course! And it's the same with your business; people are coming
wanting to pay you for your service.

Getting Payment from Clients

  • Think of money as an energy exchange – it flows in and it flows out. Money is the commodity of respect in our society today, so allow people to respect you for your service.
  • Change your mindset around money; remind yourself that you are worthy of payment, you are worthy of charging a high price for your specialised service and you are worthy of asking the client for money.
  • For many therapists the problem is that asking for money can feel at odds with the therapy they have just provided, feeling like an abrupt change in the tone of the session. If you fall into this category, sort out payment at the start of the appointment so you can both relax at the end.
  • Even better, consider asking for the money to be transferred into your account prior to the client attending your practice, but make sure they bring proof of transfer.
  • Offer your clients the option to pay in bulk for sessions and have a reward for this payment method eg. buy 6 get one free.
  • If you are still nervous, starting practicing asking for the money in front of a mirror or ask a friend to help you do some role playing; get them to pretend to be a client and practise asking for payment.

Implementing just a few of these hints will help take away the pain of asking your clients for payment.

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