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Meet the Healers: Colleen Harvey

Health & Wellness
Nov 20, 2020

Who is Colleen Harvey?

Do you wish that you could overhaul your health, getting rid of what's causing you pain and restoring the vitality you had when you were 20? There's no need for a magic wand to make your wish come true. Just seek the help of Colleen Harvey's City Apothecary in Sydney, NSW, and everything will turn out the way you planned it.

Colleen has been practising naturopathy for more than 20 years, helping her clients get their health back on track with diet and lifestyle change, remedial massage therapy and yoga. By utilising a wide range of natural remedies, she is able to address the underlying cause of disease and support the body's natural healing ability.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a type of complementary medicine that strengthens the body's natural healing mechanism. A naturopath uses nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, exercises, massage therapy, yoga and other gentle remedies that are available in nature. Their objective is to boost their client's immune system, improve circulation and maintain optimal health to keep diseases at bay.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind-body exercise which makes the mind sharper, the body stronger and the spirit more connected. It is a combination of meditation, breathing exercises and different types of postures, otherwise known as asanas. Several studies have shown that practising yoga even for just a few minutes each week, can improve flexibility, balance and muscle strength. It also helps to reduce stress, blood pressure and chronic pain, among others.

What is Remedial Massage?

A remedial massage is a clinical approach to repairing damaged muscle tissue in the body that hinders it from functioning normally. Whether you're an athlete or an office worker stuck in front of the computer every day, you will surely benefit from remedial massage therapy. It improves mobility, eliminates chronic pain, muscle tension and headaches, and deals with postural issues, joint stiffness, poor circulation and irregular sleep patterns.     

Learning how to modify your diet and lifestyle is the first step to achieving excellent health holistically. With the help of an experienced naturopath, yoga teacher and massage therapist like Colleen Harvey, you'll find the journey back to wellness fun, easy and life-changing.

Video Transcript

I personally am a bodyworker doing remedial massage, I'm also a naturopath and I'm a yoga teacher.

I like restorative yoga because I think just of the times I think we really need restorative yoga so I really like seeing people change or come to a better place and it happens very quickly.


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FAQs About Yoga Teachers, Naturopaths & Remedial Massage Therapists

What is the point of yoga?

Yoga is a holistic discipline that aims to bring the mind, body and spirit into harmony with the universe and everything in it. Practising yoga helps you to connect with your higher self and be mindful of the present moment. In doing so, you release unnecessary thoughts and stress.

Can you lose weight doing yoga?

Yes, you can lose weight with yoga as it works on improving your metabolism and toning your muscles. Studies show that restorative yoga, in particular, can help reduce abdominal fat.

What is naturopathy used for?

Naturopathy restores the body's natural healing ability to treat the root cause of disease rather than its symptoms. Naturopathy is often used as an adjunct to other complementary or conventional treatments to speed up the body's recovery process.

Is remedial massage the same as deep tissue massage?

While both deep tissue and remedial massage work on the deep layers of the muscle tissue, the first is a full-body treatment that employs more pressure. Remedial massage therapy, on the other hand, is used to treat specific muscle groups in the body.

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