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Meet the Healers: Dorota Wroblewska

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Oct 28, 2020

Who is Dorota Wroblewska?

Dorota Wroblewska is a well-versed naturopath with more than 19 years of experience treating a variety of conditions, ranging from fatigue and digestive issues to insomnia and infertility. She owns Solutions to Health, a natural health practice that provides a wealth of knowledge about the root cause of poor health and various naturopathic solutions. 

Dorota is an active member of peak professional organisations that represent naturopaths in Australia, including the National Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Before her journey to becoming a natural healer, Dorota had experienced the healing power of naturopathy herself when she fell seriously ill many years ago. From that experience, the realisation that she was destined to become a naturopath and help others boost their wellbeing unfurled. She specialises in making herbal remedies, tailoring them to the specific needs of each of her clients to reactivate their bodies' natural healing abilities. 

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic healing system that works on the root cause of pain and disease as opposed to applying a temporary remedy to its symptoms. It is grounded in the concept that every person has a unique constitution and requires a personalised treatment.

To get to the bottom of a health problem, a naturopath looks beyond the physical symptoms that their client manifests. They would investigate the individual's food selection, lifestyle habits, emotions, behaviours and environment, among several other things.

Modalities Used in Naturopathy

A naturopath employs a wide range of modalities to identify the underlying cause of a condition, including nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy, to name just a few. They put great emphasis on dietary and lifestyle changes and take the time to explain to their clients how this aspect of naturopathy can help restore balance to their bodies and improve their overall wellness. 

By educating their clients on what's led to their pain and health condition, a naturopath allows them to make radical changes in their life to achieve wellness and longevity. This only goes to show that their innate compassion for others and interest to educate them will go further than any form of treatment.

Video Transcript

Dorota Wroblewska: Being a naturopath, I'm using an evidence-based medicine, and I make individuals' herbal formulas, which are of great benefit if they're prescribed individually.

It was a personal experience many many years ago now, I actually got quite sick with glandular fever and went to see a naturopath myself. And she really helped me to get over all my health issues at the time. And from that moment on I thought, well, ok, perhaps this is something that I would be interested in doing. And I went on to studying it.


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FAQs About Naturopaths & Naturopathy

Is a naturopath a real doctor?

A naturopath who has passed a national licensing exam after completing four years of medical school earns the title naturopathic doctor. Just like any primary care physician, a naturopathic doctor is trained to diagnose, prevent and treat different health conditions.

Is naturopathic medicine safe?

Yes, it certainly is. Naturopathic medicine is not only safe but tremendously effective in addressing mild and severe conditions such as headaches, back pain, allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, and so many others.

Should I see a naturopath?

Yes, seeing a naturopath will make a massive improvement in your health. When used in conjunction with your primary treatment, naturopathic medicine can speed up your body's innate healing ability.

What is naturopathy used for?

The objective of naturopathy is to address the underlying cause of disease to prompt the body to heal itself. It's a form of complementary medicine that can help with a range of health conditions.

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