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Last Updated Jul 17, 2020
Health & Wellness

I was feeling rather run-down when I made an appointment with a nearby naturopath. I was constantly tired, my hormones were out of whack after being on the pill for a decade, and I needed to lose a few kilos. A visit to a naturopath was definitely in order!

Why I Went to the Naturopath

What I love about naturopathy is that it centres on the body’s ability to heal itself. As a holistic approach to health, naturopathy helps bring your body, mind and emotions back into balance.

While I’d never tried naturopathy, I felt that a naturopath was in the perfect position to explain why I felt tired and had gained weight. I was also hoping to avoid the adverse effects of going off the pill, as many women experience mood swings, acne and weight gain.  

How I Chose My Naturopath

I didn’t have to venture far to find a naturopath – I simply searched for one in the Natural Therapy Pages naturopath directory. Since I work from home, I wanted to partner with a practitioner who was nearby. I also needed to find someone who understood hormones and would take a long-term approach to helping me achieve optimal health and wellbeing. And so I booked an appointment with Susan Garrad at Women’s Health Naturally in Summer Hill, NSW.

The Initial Consultation

Before my appointment, I was sent a very comprehensive form to fill out. It featured pages of questions relating to my health history and current issues. It’s amazing how much you forget about the surgeries, conditions and illnesses you’ve had in the past!

In the consultation, Susan ran through the completed form and asked questions to get a better idea of my health profile and goals. Her warm manner helped me relax and be completely honest about where I’m at. I’ve struggled to admit to myself that I need to lose 10kgs, yet it was very easy to tell Susan!

Getting Tested

To properly assess my health, Susan asked me to step onto a whizz-bang set of scales. It sends an unnoticed electrical current up one foot and down the other to measure weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone density.

The computer then spat out my results, detailing my overall physique rating. I winced when Susan told me that my metabolic age was 44, given I’m younger than 30!

Plan of Attack

With less-than-desirable results, it was obvious that I needed to make some changes. The first step was to begin a two-week detox, under Susan’s guidance. This involves a mix of herbal supplements and following a clean eating plan. Gone are dairy, wheat and sugar and in their place are fresh, wholesome foods.

In the meantime, I’ve visited a GP to have my blood tested for iron, vitamin D and cholesterol. An iron deficiency could explain my chronic tiredness.

The Results

It’s only a week into my detox, and already I’m feeling light and energised. I no longer hit the wall at midday or pig out in the evening (which apparently is because I haven’t been eating enough during the day).

I’m confident that with my naturopath’s help, I can boost my health and hopefully reduce my metabolic age! The next step is visiting Susan after my detox and seeing how I can make even more improvements to my health and wellness.

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Originally published on Sep 28, 2012

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