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Myotherapy for Injuries

Myotherapy for Injuries
Myotherapy is a system of natural physical therapies that focuses on the body's connective tissues in order to relieve pain and facilitate healing. A relatively new modality, myotherapy is gaining increasing acceptance as an effective treatment for a variety of injuries. Is myotherapy for you? An understanding of what myotherapy is and how it is used to treat injuries will help you decide.

What Is Myotherapy?

In a nutshell, myotherapy is a treatment for muscular ("myo" is Greek for "muscles") aches and pains. What distinguishes myotherapy from simple massage or other forms of muscle manipulation is that a myotherapist will employ one or a number of different treatments, depending on their assessment of a client's needs. Some of the treatments included in a myotherapist's repertoire include:
  • Massage therapies, including soft and deep tissue massage.

  • Controlled stretching exercises designed to increase blood flow to the affected area, reduce tension and increase flexibility.

  • Cupping is an ancient technique that uses a vacuum cup to draw blood to an affected area and/or stimulate blood flow and boost the immune system.
  • Dry needling, sometimes called intramuscular stimulation, involves inserting needles into specific trigger points on the body in order to relieve myofascial (soft tissue or muscular) pain.    
  • Exercise programs designed for self-treatment following myotherapy.

How Is Myotherapy Used for Treating Injuries?

Sports injuries commonly treated using myotherapeutic techniques include ligament tears, hamstring inflammations, ankle and knee injuries and other muscular and joint traumas associated with sports. It can also be of benefit to those who are suffering from back, neck, muscular or joint pain due to injury and/or stress. Because a myotherapist has a number of possible treatments in their "kit," they may be able to find a treatment that works when others have not.

If you are experiencing any kind of muscular pain, stiffness or discomfort due to injury, consult a myotherapy practitioner in your vicinity. They will assess your condition and give you the most appropriate treatment or treatments to help relieve your pain and hasten your recovery.

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