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National Pain Week 2019

National Pain Week 2019

Every year, Chronic Pain Australia, whic is the national voice of people living with chronic pain, organises National Pain Week to help with the needs of the many Australians living with some form of chronic pain. By officially launching the results of the National Pain Survey on 22 July 2019, Chronic Pain Australia will kick off this year's National Pain Week and will last until 28 July 2019. The results wil be available on this website.

More about Chronic Pain Australia

As an organisation, Chronic Pain Australia is dedicated to reducing the social and other barriers to living with chronic pain. Their mission is "To reduce the unnecessary suffering and isolation caused by chronic pain in the Australian community." Chronic Pain Australia receives no funding from government and only works with volunteers. But together, they have achieved a great deal including partnering with the Australian Pain Society and the Faculty of Pain Medicine to develop Australia's First National Pain Strategy.

Chronic Pain Australia's key aims are to:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding about chronic pain across Australia
  • Promote better understanding among health professionals about what it is like to live with chronic pain
  • Work towards supported self-management of pain

What is chronic pain?

Pain is any unpleasant experience in the body. While acute pain is a message in the body warning about danger. On the other hand, chronic pain can have much more complex origins and functions. The nervous system is used to transmit signals around the body to indicate pain.

There have been a very incorrect belief about chronic pain. A lot of people think that chronic pain equals extreme pain. Though chronic pain can be really severe, it actually refers to how long the pain lasts rather than how severe it is. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than three months, or in many cases, beyond normal healing time. It can be seen as somewhat of a mystery.

Chronic pain can be due the any of the following:

  • ongoing disease states like arthritis in all its forms, cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis or any of a myriad of conditions
  • consequence of trauma (e.g. surgery, car or work accident, a fall)
  • consequence of a minor injury which leaves ongoing pain

For chronic pain, the longer pain persists, the more complex it becomes. Even if it is caused by a disease, it now involves multiple body systems beyond the nervous system. The endocrine system, the gut and other body systems start to become involved.

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