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New Homeopathy - What is different?

New Homeopathy - What is different?
Homeopathy and New Homeopathy are alternative healing modalities to complement traditional medicine.

The traditional Homeopathy was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796; the New Homeopathy was developed in the 1980s by Erich Koerbler, an Austrian scientist and journalist.

The research of New Homeopathy has been funded by the European Union as the “Leonardo da Vinci” project. Now it is being taught in an Austrian university, a German and a Hungarian Collage and our training centre at the Gold Coast / Australia.

Both, Homeopathy and New Homeopathy, are applying information onto the person instead of substances. And both make use of the water’s ability to carry information. In the Homeopathy, the substance was originally applied to the water and diluted until past the point where no molecules of the original substance remain. The New Homeopathy applies information in form of geometrical shapes and symbols directly.

Geometrical shapes and symbols used in the New Homeopathy

There are three ways how the symbols are being used for healing.

1.    The symbols are painted directly onto the skin.
Its healing principles can also be found in the acupuncture. The aim is to undo blockages to enable the energy to flow freely.

2.    The symbols and information being used are applied onto water. As we know, water can carry information and therefore influence the body. The patients then drink the water.

3.    The symbols are placed throughout the rooms to change energies.

Side effects of New Homeopathy

As there are no substances being used, no side effects are known. Therefore it is a very safe healing modality for children, pregnant women and other people who are restricted in their intake of medication.

Healing crisis

This expression refers to the increase of symptoms at the beginning of a healing reaction. When a person heals, toxins can leave the body making the body work harder. This process is a sign of healing and we need to keep in mind that the cause of these symptoms was already in the body and was neither applied by the Homeopathy nor the New Homeopathy. The severity of a healing crisis can very; and not everybody experiences a healing crisis. Signs may include: tiredness, headache or pains, sleeping problems or nightmares, skin irritations and other.

Rod divining – the diagnosing tool of the New Homeopathy

The health practitioner uses a divining rod to detect disturbances in the energy fields.
A diving rod works like an antenna to make existing energies visible. The practitioner can for example find blockages in the body, detect toxins, locate water veins and assess allergies or determine food intolerances.
Diagnoses can be done very quickly and the results of an experienced practitioner are usually very accurate.

My case studies

Example 1: Asthma
With rod divining I found high levels of Formaldehyde in a patient suffering badly from Asthma. After detoxing Formaldehyde the patients recovered fully within a few weeks.

Example 2: cysts
A mum suffered from cysts, that kept coming back after each operation. With rod divining I found the person was living on a water vein. I placed various symbols and geometrical shapes in her home to divert the radiation from the water vein. Once the stress of the ongoing radiation of water veins cleared, the cysts disappeared and the scheduled operation could be cancelled.

Example 3: chronic cold
The boy suffering from a chronic head cold: With rod divining we found that cows milk would not do him good. After he took the milk off his diet the nose cleared and he could breathy freely after many years of suffering.

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