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Study Business

Study Business

5 reasons to study business as a natural therapist

You’re a talented therapist, helping your clients to adopt a healthy, happy lifestyle. But in today’s customer-centric world, being good at what you do is no longer enough.  Natural therapists also need to be savvy – skilled in business, marketing, and accounting. To study business can be a great way to learn essential skills to build your business and ensure its success.

Here are 5 reasons to study business:

Learn essential skills

Your natural therapy qualification taught you the essential skills for practising your modality. A business qualification teaches you the essential skills to run your practice successfully.

Learn about basic business topics such as setting up your practice, hiring staff, managing clients, finding a room to rent, as well as insurance, legal issues, marketing, sales, social media, payments, and much more.

Choose the best business structure

How you structure your practice is crucial to its success – especially at tax time. You could set it up as a company, sole trader, partnership, or trust. A business qualification will likely delve into these structures and help you ascertain the best one for your business. However, you should also speak with an accountant or solicitor before bedding it down.

Manage money

How will you accept payment from clients? How much should you charge? How can you ensure your expenses are less than your income – so you keep your head above water and even run your business at a profit?

Understanding money and finances is key for anyone running a business, not just natural therapists. And a business or accounting course can help you make sense of it all – and create a workable financial plan.

Market your practice

How will people find your practice? These days, online marketing is the predominant tool for attracting or finding clients. Undertaking a business course (whether it’s a short course or a diploma or degree) can help you assess online and offline marketing tactics and tools – and come up with a marketing strategy that gets you seen by your target market.

Get an edge

Lastly, understanding business, sales, marketing, and finance can give you an edge in a competitive market. Complementary medicine is booming – with more people seeking natural medicine, and more practitioners to help them. Equipped with business basics, you’ll know what’s needed to stand out from the crowd and build a reputable practice that makes a difference.

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