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Study: Soy May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Study: Soy May Help Lower Blood Pressure
Soy is low in fat, high in fibre and protein, and may help prevent cancer, heart disease and many symptoms of menopause. While more research is needed into soy’s specific health benefits, a recent study has found it helps lower blood pressure (hypertension).

Carbs, Milk and Soy Studied for Lowering Blood Pressure

In a five-year study US scientists evaluated the effects of soy protein, milk protein and carbohydrates on people with pre-hypertension or early hypertension.
The study involved 352 adults who each took 40 grams of milk protein, soy protein or carbohydrate supplement daily for eight weeks in random order. A three-week ‘wash out’ period was assigned between each supplement. 

Soy Significantly Help Lower Blood Pressure

The results showed milk and soy protein supplements significantly reduced systolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure (the top number) is the maximum pressure exerted when the heart contracts. Diastolic blood pressure (the minimum pressure when the heart is at rest) was reduced but did not reach statistical significance, say the researchers.

Soy for Good Heart Health

The results of this study show soy and milk protein can significantly reduce high blood pressure. It also suggests that partially replacing carbohydrate with soy or milk protein might be beneficial in the prevention or treatment of high blood pressure.

Know Your Blood Pressure

It is estimated that by 2025 hypertension will affect 1.6 billion people around the globe. The danger of hypertension is that it is often without symptoms. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is associated with increased risk of heart attack, stroke, arterial aneurysm, heart and kidney failure. The High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia recommends that you should ‘know your blood pressure’. Simply ask your GP to measure your blood pressure.
High blood pressure is preventable and easily treated. One way you can help reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure is to include whole soy or milk as part of your daily diet.

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