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Studying Family Constellation

Dec 16, 2020

Some people, no matter how hard they try, find success elusive. Others attain it with minimal effort. The rationale behind this lies in one's family dynamics. Would you like to learn how to become a family constellation facilitator and help others reap success in all areas of their life by finding exactly where they belong within their family system?

What is Family Constellation and Its Benefits?

Family constellation is a systemic therapy developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger to release limiting beliefs trapped in a person's subconscious mind. These beliefs aren't circumstantial but passed from one generation to the next, hence affecting the lives of everybody within a family system. 

In a family constellation workshop, the client is asked to pick random people in a room to stand in for their family members. The client will then arrange them in a constellation based on the quality of the relationship that they have with each family member. 

Throughout the arrangement process, the people in the constellation will be able to tune in to the energy of the person whom they are representing, and then a series of events ensues. The client observes the events that take place until they finally find their place in the scheme of things.       

By acknowledging deeply rooted issues within their family system, a person can find their purpose and, ultimately, the road to their success. Family constellation can help address a variety of conditions and issues, including:

What Career Awaits a Certified Family Constellation Facilitator?

A family constellation facilitator is no different from a counsellor or a psychotherapist, but their role goes beyond identifying the root cause of a person's thought and behavioural patterns. Their goal is to help their clients find their place in their family system so that they may find their real purpose in life.

As a certified Family constellation facilitator, you will be able to lead an individual out of the therapy room to proactively deal with their difficulties arising from patterns of behavior in their family system. The knowledge and tools that you gain from a certification training will enable you to help others understand how their relationship with each member in their family influences all areas in their life, including career, health, business, sports and marriage, to name just a few.

What Course Do You Need to Take to Become a Qualified Facilitator?

Most people who went on to become family constellation facilitators started out as a workshop representative standing in for a client's family member. Having experienced the benefits of the therapy firsthand, they decided to further their understanding of the modality by taking a certificate course

A facilitator training course is a two-week program that focuses on resolving generational patterns of behaviour, trauma, relationship difficulties and other challenges within a family system that affect the quality of an individual's life. 

You may undertake a face-to-face course and get a feel of how it's like to facilitate an actual constellation workshop. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle, you may opt for an online course and manage your own study time.

What is the Best Training Ground for Family Constellation?

As more and more people lean on the principles of Family constellation in addressing deep-seated issues within a family system, Australia has seen the number of course providers for this modality shoot up. Edwina Van Der Westhuizen's Family Constellation Courses and Yildiz Sethi's Family Constellations (Online Courses) happen to be the key drivers in this field of study.

So, if you're all set to incorporate Family constellation into your practice and help others recognise the hidden dynamics of their family story, feel free to contact them. Besides the qualification that you can obtain, ask them about their course material, tuition fees, delivery methods and course duration, among other things, to ensure that your training goes off without a hitch.

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FAQs About Studying Family Constellation

How does family constellation therapy work?

A family constellation therapy helps a person develop a fresh perspective on their family system. The workshop representatives would stand in for the client's family members to help the client identify generational patterns that have been negatively affecting them and need to be changed.

Is family constellation a therapy?

Yes, a family constellation is a systemic therapy that aims to reveal the hidden dynamics in a family to address any patterns affecting its members and ultimately heal relationships.

Why is family systems theory important?

A person's family system is vital to their success or failure in different areas of their life. Even if you are indifferent to your family and may not have a strong bond with its members, they affect how you behave in the outside world.

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