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Studying Time Line Therapy

Dec 03, 2020

Some memories are worth revisiting with the same emotions you had when they first took place, but others require little of the original feelings you had, if not a completely different set. We say this not out of scorn but of the belief that everyone is capable of changing the road map to their desired life.

Studying Time Line Therapy equips you with the tools to eliminate emotions that keep you from moving forward with your life; those tiny voices that feed you with false beliefs about yourself to hamper your progress.

What is Time Line Therapy?

Time Line Therapy is an advanced form of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) that allows people to release negative emotions which are attached to memories of events from their past. These emotions are responsible for self-limiting thought and behavioural patterns that hold them back from their goals.

A practitioner of Time Line Therapy taps into the subconscious mind of their client to clear negative emotions evoked by old memories so that they may proceed to achieve a happier, healthier and more productive life.  

The Benefits of Studying Time Line Therapy

Negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt don't serve any purpose in a person's life. Harbouring them not only gets in the way of your work, relationships and overall happiness, but it also leads to an array of conditions that affect the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of health.

A course in Time Line Therapy will enrich you no end, empowering you to remove emotions that aren't helping you and free others from the same predicament. Earning the appropriate qualification to practise this modality on a professional level will boost your career and effectiveness as a practitioner of complementary medicine.

What Are Your Study Options?

Studying Time Line Therapy takes you on a wonderful journey to the subconscious mind. A certification training course will help you grasp its inner workings, showing you how memories and emotions are processed in this part of the brain and how you can shift negative feelings and limiting beliefs to supportive ones.

Courses are delivered face-to-face or online, depending on the preferred learning modality of the students. Level 1 of the training program, as well as Level 2, takes about seven days to complete. It includes classes in NLP coaching, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.

Which School Specialises in Time Line Therapy?

Any school whose training programs are recognised by the world's peak bodies for NLP, Time Line Therapy and hypnotherapy makes for a worthy investment. Before signing up for a course though, see to it that its curriculum has received approval from Tad James, the creator of the Time Line Therapy technique.

You'll find here on the Natural Therapy Pages some of the reputable learning institutions for Time Line Therapy training, which include:

You will gain a wealth of information from speaking with each school's course adviser. As well as learning what their course outline consists of, you will also be able to raise your other concerns such as tuition fees, learning management system used, delivery method and course duration, among others.

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FAQs About Studying Time Line Therapy

Does NLP work for anxiety?

Yes, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is proven to be effective in alleviating negative thoughts and emotions like anxiety, depression and all kinds of phobias. The modality works with the person's subconscious mind, helping them identify events from their past that gave rise to their current thought and behavioural patterns.

What is NLP used to treat?

NLP can help with a variety of mental, emotional and physical health disorders. It's extremely effective in treating anxiety, fears and phobias, stress, low self-esteem and trauma, among many others.

How do you elicit a timeline NLP?

In a Time Line Therapy course, you will learn how to use conversation to gather information about your client's present circumstances in relation to their memories of past events. You will also study different techniques to get a client to a point in their past before they experienced the negative emotions stored in their subconscious mind, and what triggered them to feel the way they did.

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