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Top 5 Flu Prevention Tips

Top 5 Flu Prevention Tips
While there is no known cure for the flu, the old adage, "prevention is the best cure" applies to our most common infectious disease as much as it applies to anything else. If you take the right precautions, you can drastically reduce your chances of catching a flu. These are the top 5 flu prevention tips as recommended by natural therapists.

Tip One: Avoid Contact

Viruses spread through contact. When a flu epidemic occurs, the best protection is avoidance. Avoid coming into close contact with others who may be spreading the virus. Experts say that viruses and germs can live hours or even days outside the body. After using public facilities, wash your hands to help eliminate the possibility of picking up a flu or cold. Also avoid touching your face. Flu viruses enter the body via the nose and mouth, so if you've picked something up on your hands, touching your face is like giving it an invitation.

Tip Two: Eat Fruits and Vegetables

If there is a best time to start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, it's flu time. Many fruits and vegetables contain anti-viral properties, with dark green vegetables and fruits like apples and quinces having been shown to be particularly effective at helping prevent flus. The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables also help scavenge free radicals and give your immune system an overall boost.

Tip Three: Drink Plenty of Fluids

Water flushes out the system, removing waste and toxins. Green tea contains antioxidants, giving it even more benefits for flu prevention. Herbal teas with a touch of lemon are another way to get flu preventing antioxidants and other anti-viral ingredients into your system while re-hydrating at the same time. A  good way to know if you're drinking enough liquids is to check your urine. If it is clear or close to clear, you're drinking enough. If it is very yellow, you need to drink more.

Tip Four: Exercise Regularly

Aerobic exercises that make you breathe harder, increase blood circulation and work up a mild sweat help prevent flus in a number of ways. Not only does your increased metabolism help cleanse the system, aerobic exercise has been shown to increase the numbers of the body's natural flu fighting cells.

Tip Five: Take Natural Herbal Supplements

Your herbalist can suggest a variety of flu-preventive and flu-fighting herbs and other plants. One powerful natural treatment that has been used for centuries is garlic. Use garlic in cooking, take it raw or get a good garlic supplement if you want to avoid "garlic breath." Other herbs recommended for prevention or treatment of flus include:

Echinacea is believed to boost the immune system in general and help prevent and treat colds and flus in partricular. Used by Native American cultures for centuries, echinacea has been rediscovered and is available wherever herbal remedies are sold.

Ginseng has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. Considered an "adaptogen" (a substance that helps the body adapt to environmental circumstances), ginseng is used as a general tonic as well as an immune system booster.

Follow these 5 top flu prevention tips and you may get through the cold and flu season unscathed. If not, you'll probably find yourself experiencing milder symptoms and faster recovery times. If you do come down with the flu, give your body a break and allow yourself to get plenty of rest. This will help your immune system shake off the flu faster and minimise the severity of your symptoms.

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