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UnitingCare Australia's Christmas Appeal: Give Hope to Disadvantaged Australians

Nov 26, 2021

UnitingCare Australia's Christmas Appeal: Give Hope to Disadvantaged Australians
Operation Santa is back for Target Australia and UnitingCare Australia! Participate in the UnitingCare Australia Christmas Appeal from 10 to 23 December to make Christmas special for thousands of people living in poverty and experiencing disadvantage. This gift-giving campaign has been made possible by the partnership between Target Australia and UnitingCare Australia to make sure that people living in distress during this difficult time have a happy Christmas this year and every year after.

UnitingCare Australia uses donations from people to assist families in need through its network of Australian churches and community centers. Having partnered with Target Australia, it was able to reach more vulnerable people and make a difference in the lives of many in desperate situations.

Since its creation in 1992, the Christmas Appeal has raised over $3.5 million and 2 million gifts that go towards supporting underprivileged Australian families during the holiday season. UnitingCare Australia distributes the funds and gifts to its national network of community service providers to help meet the needs of the poorest segments of society during this time of year. 

How to join the Christmas Appeal

Target customers have many ways to support the living costs of Australian children and people with disabilities who live in disadvantaged communities, ensuring they have a wonderful time this Christmas. You can purchase a packet of six gift tags for $3 at the checkout, make an online donation, or donate gifts for people with special needs.

No matter how much you donate, you will be helping thousands of families in Australia cope with their financial difficulty. The money will be used to provide the daily necessities of disadvantaged people, including food, shelter, school supplies, financial assistance, gift cards, gift packs and other community services that will make a real difference in their lives. Target will send all donations to UnitingCare Australia, which will distribute them to Australia's various providers of community service on behalf of all the generous people who took the time to bring joy to families and others in need.   

Many parents, especially those who live in remote communities, are unable to afford the basic living costs of their children, let alone a Christmas gift box for them. Your kindness and generosity can go a long way in addressing the advocacy issues of the UnitingCare Australia Christmas Appeal, which primarily focus on bringing joy to disadvantaged children and needy people during the Christmas season.

FAQs About Sharing This Christmas Season

Where can I donate for Christmas?

Besides Target Australia, you can also donate toys and clothes to the Salvation Army or non-perishable food items to food hampers in different Australian communities.

How do I find a family to donate for Christmas?

Through your local charity, you can bring joy and hope to a family in your community this Christmas. If you have baby clothes and toys, they can help you connect with a family with a newborn. Your local charity can also assist you if you need to provide assistance to a senior citizen or disabled individual.

How do you give back to the community at Christmas?

Giving back to your community is a great way to balance out the universal energy and spread the spirit of joy and peace. This Christmas, you can donate toys and clothes to charity, you can bake goodies for frontline workers, or you can volunteer at a community health center.

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