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Yoga for Two: Yoga for Couples This Valentine’s

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Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Love isn’t just a word. It’s an inexplicable feeling effectively communicated through one’s body and actions. This Valentine’s Day, go beyond your superficial closeness and deep into the core of your goals as a couple.

Strip off your inhibitions as you synchronise your breathing and body movements with your partner’s in these seven yoga poses designed to nourish every couple’s body, mind and spirit.

Twin Trees

This yoga pose helps improve the body’s balance, alignment and posture.

  1. Stand side by side with feet apart.
  2. Then lift your outer leg and put the sole of your foot against your inner thigh.
  3. Next, raise your inner arm over your head or put it around your partner’s waist for support.
  4. After that, bring your other hand in front of you and press your palm against your partner’s.
  5. Hold this position for 10 seconds while breathing slowly. 

Partner-Seated Spinal Twist

This asanas helps strengthen the spine and promotes relaxation with synchronised breathing.

  1. Sit back-to-back with your partner with legs crossed.
  2. Then place your right hand on your partner’s left thigh and your left hand on your right knee. 
  3. Hold this position for 10 seconds while breathing coordinately.
  4. Go back to the starting position then repeat on the other side. 

Chair Pose

Doing this yoga pose regularly will strengthen your quadriceps and improve your posture

  1. Stand back-to-back with feet apart.
  2. Step backward, lean on your partner for support, and then interlace your arms with each other.
  3. Using the back of your partner as support, slowly get into a squat position.
  4. Hold this position for 10 seconds while synchronizing your breathing.
  5. Go back to the starting position then repeat two more times.


This pose helps open the chest and shoulders. It also strengthens the thighs and rear end.

  1. Stand facing each other with your feet apart.
  2. Inhale and raise your arms overhead then bend forward at the hips to create a 90-degree angle, with your hands, forearms, and elbows meeting your partner’s.
  3. Hold this position for 10 seconds while breathing slowly. 
  4. Go back to the starting position and repeat two more times.

Double Downward Dog

This pose lengthens the spine and strengthens the arms, thighs and calves. It also improves concentration and aids in weight loss.

  1. The first person gets into the downward dog pose then the other one does the same in front of the first person. 
  2. Both slowly raise their rear ends to create an inverted ‘V’ position.
  3. After that, the person in front raises one foot and puts it on the lower back of the person behind followed by the other foot. 
  4. Hold this position for 10 seconds while breathing slowly.
  5. Go back to the starting position then switch positions to start over.

Flying Superman

This asanas benefits the whole body as it strengthens the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abdominals and lower back.

  1. One of you lies flat on your back with knees bent and feet slightly raised. 
  2. The other person leans their abdomen against the soles of their partner lying on the floor.
  3. Then they hold hands while the person on the floor slowly lifts their partner off the ground. 
  4. Note that the person acting as the base should keep their legs firmly straight to help their partner maintain a position parallel to the ground.
  5. Let go of each other’s hands and then enjoy the moment for 10 seconds.
  6. To get back to the starting position, hold each other’s hands then the person on the floor bends their knees until ‘superman’s’ feet are back on the ground.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold 

If you want to strengthen your upper, hamstrings and back, you’re both going to love this pose.

  1. Stand back-to-back with feet hip width apart then bend forward. 
  2. Reach the arms of your partner through your legs and their wrists or forearms.
  3. Look into each other’s eyes while holding your position for 10 seconds. 

There goes our seven yoga asanas for all of you love birds. Doing these regularly will not only boost your wellbeing but also take your relationship to a higher level.

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Originally published on Feb 07, 2020

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