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Understanding Silica: What is it and what is it for?

Understanding Silica: What is it and what is it for?

Silica is an essential requirement in the body, and is required for the bones, tendons, skin, cartilage, blood vessels, the blood itself, and organs such as the liver, heart and lungs.  Because the body cannot make silica itself, it must be supplied through food sources, or supplements if required.

Why do we Need Silica?

Silica supplementation is often required because it can be very difficult to get enough silica from our daily diets.  As we grow older, we use more silica, but we are not able to replace it as easily as a younger person is.  Therefore, silica supplements are more important as the body ages.

People lose silica according to their metabolism and eating habits.  Unfortunately, the silica loss is constant and unavoidable, thus the need to constantly replace the silica through dietary means. 

Benefits of Silica

Because silica is one of the essential nutrients in the body, it has a huge impact on a person’s health, and silica supplements can be of enormous benefit.  Some of these benefits include:

  • strengthens the blood vessels
  • improves the elasticity of the joints
  • prevents the body from absorbing aluminium and flushes aluminium from the tissues
  • stimulates the metabolism and division of cells
  • delays the tissues’ ageing processes
  • increases mobility
  • alleviates pain in osteoarthritis
  • relieves back pain
  • aids in bone healing
  • strengthens hair
  • normalises circulation
  • prevents wrinkles
  • helps to normalise haemorrhoidal tissue
  • regulates the bowels
  • helps prevents kidney stones and heals urinary tract infections
  • repairs and maintains vital lung tissue
  • tones the upper respiratory tract
  • strengthens nails
  • improves collagen levels
  • hardens tooth enamel
  • slows the degenerative processes of connective tissues
  • helps to remineralise bones

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