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Last Updated Jul 22, 2020
Health Tips

Attitudes that help

1. An openness to one’s reality, especially one’s inner reality.
When people aren’t able or willing to get in touch with what they feel, what lives within them, it becomes very hard to move forward. The act of seeing ourselves is the first step to growth.

2. Accepting ourselves
Some people don’t like what they see within themselves. Possibly because of standards placed upon themselves that are not based on who they are. Some are so used to seeing themselves in a negative light. There needs to be an attitude of acceptance of whatever we find, like it or not. It is how it is. Accepting ourselves is key to our growth.

3. An eagerness in the journey of discovery
It helps to have an enjoyment of finding what we find. When we get stuck in our comfort zone, maintaining a status quo, then we tend not to progress much. We need to be seekers. Some people are happy with their level of growth. They may fear that they may shake things up. To be eager to seek and discover, to learn more about ourselves, is key to our growth.

4. Taking action
Who we are is how we are. Growth does not only occur within. There is an active element, of applying ourselves in daily life. The eagerness to discover leads to an eagerness to apply, to make decisions based on who we are, not old habits or ideas of how to be. It takes courage to be ourselves, to take actions accordingly. To dare to be one’s self is to bring growth to life.

5. Persistence

Growth can feel like a very slow process. A tree does not reach heights in one day. Sometimes we don’t feel that we are growing, when we are. It takes patience to accept the time it takes, and not give up. Sometimes growth is easy, and sometimes it is hard, it takes grit, perseverance and faith to continue on the journey, to believe there is more to us to discover, to blossom, to flourish.

Steps to take

1. Self Reflection
Taking time to get to know myself. Writing. Exploring the self through art and creative expression. These help immensely.

2. Healthy relationships
We are sustained by other people who have grown, who are themselves, who have solidity. Relating with people like this helps foster growth within us. We are helped when we feel loved and accepted as who we are. Growth occurs when we have groups that are life-giving. We are boosted when we grow together with others.

3. Action
Another way is through action, through activities that are true to who we are, by expressing ourselves in our work and in our daily life, by choosing things that feel right and help us grow. Doing what we are meant to do. Making decisions that are true to who we are fosters growth.

4. Contemplation
There is also the means of contemplation, of connecting with an inner expansiveness that feels somehow beyond self. This is immensely life giving and fosters growth. It feels like connecting to the source, recharging one’s self. Some people connect through nature, some through concepts, some through religions, some through all. This can be a very helpful means.

5. Heeding the messages of the body
There is also the wisdom of the body. Keeping healthy fosters our growth. Knowing when to rest, when to work, when to play, maintaining a good balance, fosters us on our growth, and our growth fosters a better relationship with our body too.

Citra is a long-time participant in Personality and Human Relationships programs. She is currently training in psychiatry.

Personality and Human Relationships Australia offers educational programs designed for people who wish to increase their self awareness and achieve a greater degree of self-fulfillment. We are based in Melbourne and conduct workshops and one-on-one counselling in person and over Skype to people all over the country.

Special thanks to Theresia Citraningtya (Citra) for the article.

Originally published on May 04, 2015

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