What Is Hot Stone Massage?

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Last Updated Jul 17, 2020
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Bliss! is the only word that fits. There probably should be a law against hot stone massage, it feels so good!  Trouble is, it makes coming back to the real world such a challenge;  especially since you may be partially incoherent for a while.

What Is Hot Stone Massage?

Many  ancient civilizations used a form of heated stones in their relaxation and healing routines, and today’s treatments borrow from those.  It’s a modern therapy, part of the spa and pamper culture, rather than a technique taken directly from  the ancients.

We draw particularly on Hawaiian and Asian ideas,  and the names of some of the styles of stone massage reflect that – Hawaiian, Hahuna, Kahuna, Pohaku.

Carefully selected smooth basalt stones are used for the massage. They are chosen for their shape and weight, so they fit the hand of the therapist and, at the same time, match the client’s body contours.  Some therapists like to collect their own stones, so they have a connection with them and know where they’re from.

Hot stone massage often lasts longer than a normal treatment, the usual being 1½ hours. The stones are heated to a pre-determined temperature, either in water or dry heat, and held there for the duration of the treatment.

Who Should Have a Treatment?

To say that hot stone massage is guaranteed to relax you is almost an understatement.  Very few people will be anything but jelly-like by the end of a treatment. It results in a deep relaxation that’s hard to get any other way, in such a short space of time.

Hot stone massage is an ideal treatment for very stressed, time-poor people, who want results quickly.  But don’t expect to go straight back to the office and make cutting-edge decisions; you might just be challenged remembering where you parked your car!

How Is Hot Stone Massage Done?

The many different styles of treatment follow their own pattern of movements, but after the first few minutes, it probably won’t concern you.

Often, warm flat stones are placed under the client, with more stones  positioned along the top of the body.  The stones are usually separated from the body by a layer of fabric.

Warmed and oiled stones are used to massage the body with long flowing strokes, and while it may sound strange to anyone who hasn’t had a treatment, it is heavenly.  All that gentle warmth and rhythmic movement goes to work very quickly;  it produces profound muscle relaxation not possible in normal massage.

Why Have a Hot Stone Massage?

There are endless reasons to have a treatment, the very first of which is “you deserve it”.  But it does offer special benefits that you won’t get from a normal massage, like the speed and depth of relaxation.  And it’s not just your muscles;  your mind and every fibre of your being  will be relaxed as well.

So whenever you need something extra, when you have important occasions or difficult situations to manage, would all be good times to schedule in a treatment.

In general, a treatment is good for:

  • Pain relief

  • Detoxification

  • Deep relaxation

  • Stress management

  • To increase blood flow

  • Specific muscle relaxation

  • Pamper – pre-wedding, new mother, gift, reward

How Often Should I Have a Treatment?

In this very fast and stressful world, in the interests of our health and wellbeing, we should be aiming for as much quality relaxation as we can manage. Every 3 months would be a good plan, but if the bottom line is money – as often as possible.

Find a massage stone therapist in your area for a professional treatment   You’ll never be quite the same again.


Originally published on Oct 12, 2011

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