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Last Updated Aug 05, 2020
Practitioner Resources

Getting rid of clients can be a really hard idea to come to terms with, especially when you are in the building stage of creating your business. But clients that you dislike working with; the ones where you dread seeing their name in your appointment book, can really bring you down and the money you make from them just isn’t worth it.

It is better to have fewer great clients than lots of negative ones.

The experience of letting a client go doesn’t have to be unpleasant, I suggest you wait until the end of a session and then tell them that you feel you have given them as much as you can and provide them with a few suggestions of other practitioners who may be able to help them in future.

Be professional in your approach, you do owe it to your business and yourself to let this client go professionally. And remember that someone who isn’t YOUR ideal client, may be someone else’s perfect client.

Finishing up with a negative client, both the decision to do so and how you tell them, is about valuing yourself and who you are.

By closing the door on the client with the bad energy, you open up the door to clients who are more aligned with your values and who you can enjoy working with.

You are the power of your business and if you don't like working with someone DON’T.

The energy that you lose in a negative transaction isn't worth it, plus you start to project those negative feelings onto other clients.

If you'd like a whole client base of clients you love, you need to get rid of the ones you don't and believe in yourself.

Trust the universe that when you create a hole, it will be filled.

Originally published on Apr 03, 2013

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