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Womenís Health Week 2017

Womenís Health Week 2017

Women’s Health Week

It’s Women’s Health Week from 4 – 8 September.Spread good health. That’s the theme of this year’s Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week.
Spread good health. That’s the theme of this year’s Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week, on from 4 to 8 September 2017.
The week is “dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority.”
After all, that’s something many of us can get better at. The Women’s Health Week campaign says lack of time and not prioritising health are the two biggest barriers women have to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Why is women’s health a priority?

As women, we tend to nurture and care for the ones we love. But we’re also living busier lives than ever before. And that means we often put our health further down the list.
As organiser Jean Hailes for Women’s Health says, “The health of those we love starts with us. By investing more time in ourselves, we are better able to look after the ones we love and care about.”
And that’s what the campaign is all about. In 2013, it became the first national event purely focused on women’s health in Australia.

What is Jean Hailes for Women’s Health?

It’s Australia’s primary women’s health organisation. A not-for-profit solely focused on improving women’s health in this country. Founded in 1992, t’s named after Australian GP, Dr Jean Hailes, who was passionate about helping women improve their health – to improve their own lives, and the community.

How can you get involved in Women’s Health Week?

As a first step, sign up on the Women’s Health Week website. It’s packed with information, local events, and tips on how to get involved.  There’s even a competition to win a Fitbit Blaze, as well as videos and health advice from leading experts.
Last year, there were 621 events staged across the country, with almost 13,000 people registered on the website – and a total of 23,000 participants.
So why not join the groundswell, and sign up for Women’s Health Week. Together, we can take steps today to ensure our health is a priority.

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