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Craig Gibson

Craig Gibson

Craig first came into contact with natural therapies when he was exposed to the wonders of herbal medicine as a child. He is constantly amazed at the advances being made in the field of complementary medicine, and is a strong advocate of exploring these alongside more conventional medical approaches. Craig is partial to an aromatherapy massage to really wind down, when he gets the time to indulge.

Recent articles by Craig Gibson

What is Kahuna Bodywork?

Dec 13, 2011

To most people kahuna conjures up images of tropical Hawaii, perhaps of surfing culture too – but did you know it is a style of holistic bodywork?

Studying Crystal Sound Therapy

Dec 2, 2011

Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) is a healing modality that uses the healing power of sound vibrations to transform and balance the physical body and the psyche.

What is Crystal Sound Healing?

Dec 1, 2011

Crystal Sound Therapy (CST) is based on the principle that the pure sound vibrations of the crystal bowls can restore our physical and subtle bodies to energetic patterns of harmony, health and balance.

Dr James L. D’Adamo on his Blood Type Diet

Nov 23, 2011

No one would argue that your diet and lifestyle are major influences on your health and wellbeing, but who would have thought that your specific blood type may also play a role?

Chinese Medicine Becomes Regulated

Nov 17, 2011

Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine), which is practised and utilised widely throughout Australia, has recently been added to the existing health professions that are regulated in all States/territories of Australia.

The Diabetes Epidemic

Nov 11, 2011

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, as people become more sedentary, exercise less and consume more processed foods.

Studying Ayurveda

Nov 10, 2011

Are you attracted to the ancient holistic Ayurvedic approach to healing and interested in exploring formal study?

Listening, Ears and Our Brains

Oct 25, 2011

Most of us take the floppy pair of appendages on the sides of our heads for granted. Our ears are after all the gateway to our brains.

Exploring New Massage Techniques

Oct 24, 2011

Fancy a spot of hot chocolate massage or a treatment from faraway Tibet? You may not be able to find these treatments at your local spa or salon, but there is a definite trend to more exotic therapies

Unleash Your Creativity with Life Coaching

Oct 19, 2011

Do you feel unfulfilled or ever have the sense that you could achieve more? Doubt and uncertainty seem to be hard wired into many of us.

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