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Kat Tate

Kat Tate

Kat Tate is a global nomad, writing her way around the world. She loves unearthing unique stories, and making connections with new people and places. Former ntpages editor, Kat blogs about health, happiness and all things wellness

Recent articles by Kat Tate

What Are the Benefits of Massage For Children?

Feb 16, 2018

If you enjoy massage, you may be wondering if itís safe and beneficial for kids.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need

Feb 14, 2018

How much sleep do you really need? And why can some people function on four hours, while some struggle on nine?

How Fast Food Makes Our Immunity Aggressive

Feb 12, 2018

Fast food can spark an inflammatory response in the body, leading to diabetes and other diseases.

Summer Hay Fever Survival Tips

Feb 9, 2018

Did you know a whopping 15% of Aussies suffer from hay fever in spring and summer?

Would You Try Kitten Yoga?

Feb 7, 2018

Imagine doing downward dog while a kitten paws at your feet. Thatís the idea behind kitten yoga.

Young Aussies Worry About Mental Health

Jan 31, 2018

A new survey has found that young Aussies worry most about their mental health.

Depression in Dads and Teens Linked

Jan 15, 2018

Teenagers whose dads have depression symptoms are more likely to experience it themselves.

What Is Colic?

Jan 12, 2018

Have you heard of colic in babies and are wondering what it is? Rest assured, we have all your questions answered.

5 Health Benefits of Cashews

Jan 8, 2018

Cashews are packed full of minerals and vitamins.

4 Ways to Workout on Hot Days

Dec 22, 2017

Our summers are scorching. So how can you keep fit and healthy without keeling over from heat exhaustion?

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