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SFEF Kinesiology

SFEF Kinesiology combines Chinese medicine, western Kinesiology and other concepts to create a powerful healing tool that is capable of healing many illnesses and disorders.

Yoga in Deep: All the Known Types of Yoga You Can Try

Yoga comes in a variety of forms, ranging from gentle to physically demanding. Learn about the most common types, the yoga poses involved, the benefits of each, and what to wear to a class.

Western Medicine vs. Chinese Medicine: Which is Better?

Scientific medicine is the basis of modern medicine in the treatment of a patient's symptoms. Eastern medicine, like TCM, views sickness as an imbalance in the body rather than something acquired. So, which one is more effective?

Understanding Satori

Stress has been identified as one of the risk factors for serious illnesses and diseases. It may also trigger a headache, a stroke, an asthma attack, or skin allergy, to name a few.

Food & Exercise Bible: A Guide to Health & Wellness

The combined effect of a healthy diet and regular exercise is a staple in most health plans, whether your goal is to lose weight, treat an illness or just want to feel well everyday.

Men’s Health – Skin

Men’s skin is different from women‘s in many ways: it is thicker, oilier and has more collagen and elastin. Men’s skin also tends to have large pores and its blood supply is richer.

Men’s Health – Diet

Men’s nutritional needs are different from women’s. They generally require more of some nutrients to fight stress, to increase energy levels in sports, and maintain muscle mass.

When To Take Probiotics

Your body contains a good amount of healthy micro-organisms which keep bad bacteria from overcrowding your digestive system. When the growth of unhealthy bacteria is unchecked, your body may begin to experience signs and symptoms of disease or sickness.

5 Natural Remedies for Sore Throats

Could your go-to sore throat remedies be exacerbating the problem rather than treating it? Explore these 5 natural remedies if you really want to get rid of a sore throat.

Vitamin K

Your body regularly needs Vitamin K for growth and good health. While Vitamin K is naturally produced in your body, it may also be taken in small amounts and is present in most of the food you eat.