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NHAA - National Herbalists Association of Australia

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The National Herbalists Association of Australia is a professional association of herbalists first incorporated in 1920, making it the oldest complementary medicine association in Australia, as well as the only national professional body of medical herbalists .

Contact NameAnne Cowper
New South Wales 2138
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Our main aims are:
  • To promote, protect and encourage the study, practice and knowledge of medical herbalism
  • To disseminate such knowledge by talks, seminars, and publications
  • To encourage the highest ideals of professional and ethical standards
Herbal medicine remains the oldest and most used form of medicine on the planet today. Every culture on the planet has their own herbal medicine system. The modern herbalist may utilise medicinal plants from all over the world, in the context of a health philosophy incorporating modern and traditional concepts and knowledge.

The NHAA's primary role is to support practitioners of herbal medicine through...
  • Promoting herbal medicine within the community as a safe and effective treatment option
  • Disseminating knowledge of herbal medicine
  • Encouraging high standards of education in herbal medicine
  • Supporting and protecting the practice of herbal medicine by qualified practitioners
  • Encouraging the highest ideals of professional and ethical standards in the practice of herbal medicine
Since its inception the NHAA and its Members have been at the forefront of herbal medicine, and have been influential in areas ranging from education and practice standards, to government regulation and industry.

What the NHAA Does for the Public

The most important benefit to the public comes from the NHAA's focus on education and ethics. By visiting a Full Member of the NHAA you can be assured that your herbalist has met high standards of education, adheres to a strict Code of Ethics, and complies with the NHAA's continuing education policy. Thus you can be confident of quality herbal medicine care.

An added benefit comes from the NHAA's involvement in events such as National Herbal Medicine Week, through its media activities and our public newsletter. Through these endeavours the NHAA helps to circulate rational information, and counters the inaccurate claims and criticisms sometimes made about herbal medicine.

What the NHAA Does for Members

The NHAA directly supports Full Members through publication of an internationally recognised peer-reviewed journal of herbal medicine, access to many health fund rebates, a practitioner referral service, Email Discussion Group, national continuing education seminars, a journal based CPE program, State Chapter meetings, triennial International Conferences, and more.

The Board of the NHAA is constantly working behind the scenes to increase the professional standing and protect the interests of herbalists. This includes working with training institutions and other bodies to promote high educational and practice standards, working with industry to advocate ethical and sustainable growing and manufacturing methods, and liaising with state and federal governments on issues such as regulation of herbal medicine.

The NHAA also assists students of herbal medicine through Student Membership, and provides resources for non-practitioners and members of the public through Companion Membership. For companies involved in the herbal medicine area, or wishing to support the activities of the NHAA, a special level of Corporate Membership offers advertising benefits and more.


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