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Sandra Tenge - Allergy Testing & Food Intolerance

Sandra Tenge

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Sandra Tenge - Allergy Testing & Food Intolerance

Why Do I Feel the Way I Do?

With over 15 years experience in the area of health and wellness, we offer an extensive range of tests and treatments to assist you with the symptoms associated with allergy and intolerance. <b Call 0408 277 359 to make a booking.

Naturopathy, Nutrition,Weight Loss, Allergy Testing, Natural Fertility, Iridology, VLA testing, Live Blood Analysis

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Sandra Tenge - Allergy Testing & Food Intolerance

Allergy Testing & Food Intolerance

Are the foods you eat making you sick? We've all heard the familiar saying you are what you eat! Certain foods can trigger immune responses which can cause stress even in a healthy body, produce uncomfortable symptoms and potentially lead to illness.

We specialize in both true allergy and intolerance or sensitivity. These may be environmental, food or food additives.

We can help you work through which foods are problematic for you and then manage your diet with either short term or longer term diet plans, shopping lists and recipes. A modified diet needn't be boring and bland!

A full Elimination diet is the most accurate way of assessing food intolerance. This requires removing all possible sensitive foods and bringing them back into the diet one at a time. This is complex and best done under supervision.

Alternatively individual food groups may be eliminated, such as wheat, dairy, additives and preservatives or yeast. This can be advised in your initial consultation and can relate to what symptoms you have been experiencing.

We also offer a simple test that quickly and easily identifies what foods you need to avoid in your diet.

< br>Are all tests the same?

No, there are many different testing methods. We utilize a very accurate test that looks at the immune system's response to at least 96 different foods. The results indicate a mild, moderate or severe reaction to each food. The tests we perform look at not only true food allergy but the common food intolerances or sensitivities that effect up to 75% of the population.

What's Involved?

A simple finger prick blood test is all that is needed. In an initial naturopathic consult your practitioner will assess which test is most accurate for you. The test is performed and sent away to the lab for analysis. Results take approximately 3 weeks. A followup appointment is then made to explain results, management strategies and diet guidelines. After hours and weekend appointments are available. A referral letter is not required.

Home testing kits can be posted out. Enquiries for this service to or call 0408 277 359

Can I expect results?

Yes, a change in diet can produce immediate results. As trained naturopaths and nutritionists, we can also offer dietary advice around food intolerance or restrictive diets, herbal and nutritional support for digestive and immune health which may be contributing and phenolic desensitization for specific intolerances or allergies if any of these are required.

What other allergy tests are available?

General 96 different foods
More extensive food testing
ALCAT testing
Vegetarian or Asian foods
Herbs and Spices
Enviromental Chemicals
Inhalants and Environmental Allergens
Food Additives and Colourings
Heavy Metals and Metal Allergies
Minerals and toxic elements
Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatories and Pharmacoactive agents

Other assessments available include iridology, bioimpedance or VLA testing, Live Blood Analysis, hormone testing, sleep disorder, stress profile, drug testing, stool parasites, leaky gut, weight loss metabolites, neurobehavioural (vaccinations, autism), genomic assessments.

Sensitivity or Allergy Symptoms

Digestive symptoms
bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, reflux, heartburn, vomiting, gas or intestinal pain, sneaky poos, mouth ulcers
Respiratory symptoms
hayfever, shortness of breath, wheezing, asthma, sinusitis, runny nose, sore throat, ear infections, frequent colds, tonsilitis
Skin symptoms
dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, hives, itchyness
redness, swelling
Nervous system symptoms
headache and migraine, fatigue, lethargy, foggy thinking, poor concentration and memory, hyperactivity, mood swings, ADHD, ODD
General symptoms
aching joints, inflammations, fluid retention, weight gain and obesity, chronic illness, poor immunity, bedwetting, growing pains, restless leg

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Other Services

Our clinics also offer ~

western and chinese herbal medicine and homeopathy
nutritional supplementation and dietary advice
lifestyle and environmental counselling
bioimpedance Analysis or VLA testing
extensive allergy testing
flower essences
natural fertility management
weight loss and sports nutrition

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