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Aromamatic Products

Unit 1 / 12 Olympic Crs
Southport QLD 4215

Aromamatic Products

Aromamatic Products specialises in the sale of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy related-products.

Aromamatic Products - Aromatherapy + Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Aromamatic offers a range of concentrated extracts derived from flowers, leaves, spices, woods and roots, prompting beneficial responses from the body and mind, depending on the specific oil.

When you shop our Pure Destiny Essential Oils you can be assured that you will receive the finest oils available. Aromamatic’s oils are ideal for use in vaporisers, aromatic baths, massage oils or lotions.

Visit the Aromamatic website to shop our complete range of oils and blends.

Essential Oil Blends

Aromamatic’s Pure Essential Oil Blends range combines essential oils selected for their mutually enhancing properties.

Inspirational Blends

Our Inspirational Blends reflect our understanding that well-being results from emotional, spiritual and mental accord. We have combined these oils to augment the individual properties of oils, surpassing their ability to achieve wellbeing when used alone.

Base Carrier Oils

We use Sweet Almond Oil as the carrier for the highly concentrated Essential Oils and Blends. Sweet Almond Oil is moisturising and penetrating, making it ideal for Massage Oils, Body Oils and Skin Care products.

We also use Jojoba Oil, a light carrier oil, which due to its fine texture it is the most suitable oil for oily, combination and acne skins. Jojoba penetrates the skin more easily than most oils and is also good for body massage. Rich in vitamin E, Jojoba has a longer shelf life than many other vegetable oils.

For more information or to shop Aromamatic’s range of Essential Oils visit our website