Retail /Wholesale/Aromatherapy & Essence Formulas that Target Important Life Areas. Clear Mindset Limitations, Emotional Imbalances, Negative Behaviours and Spiritual Blocks to enhance your Wellbeing and Lifestyle.


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The MISSING LINK for your Wellbeing & Personal Growth Journey

They're evolved and grown over many years from more than just a driving ambition to be a successful business... 

Their innovative products and services were conceived out of a deep desire to open humanity’s heart.”

See the results when Mastery Essences are applied to your Energy Fields (aura)


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Our Product Range

Life Area

Unleash...your power
in important key
areas of your life
and succeed!

entrenched patterns
and live your own

Free...yourself for
your Inner Beauty
to shine!

minds blocked
crevices and
discover gold!

Enrich...your life,
gently stir and
delicately blend the
true essence of
your Soul!

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Additional Residual Income Stream Opportunities:
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Wellness & Personal Development Professions,
Retail Outlets & Day Spas:

Add an extra special point of difference to your work that will support, enhance and improve results and also increase your immediate and long term income.

Trainer/Facilitator & International Agent
positions also available: Contact us for more info.

Our Services:
INNER INSIGHT Mastery ....Have fun, learn, grow and gain insight. Experience our Readings, Consultations, Parties, Workshops & Trainings.

Business Opportunities:

Become an INNER INSIGHT Mastery Consultant or Party Plan Rep. Reap the ongoing personal, professional and financial rewards.
For more info regarding business opportunities, to order or receive a FREE INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading contact your Independent Consultant.

Sanctuary Pure Synergy Blend
Enliven...cleanse and restore yourself and
your environment.

Divine Direction Meditation CD
Unwind...4 guided, deeply relaxing meditations that align and replenish your Mind, Body Emotions and Soul. Time efficient - only takes 15 mins each.

Divine Direction Oracle Insight Cards
Gain...insight daily, renowned for their wisdom,
guidance and spiritual truth. Book also available.

Imagine living your full potential with resilience and confidence...

Picture accessing unique to you -

  • Accurate Answers
  • Perfect Solutions
  • Effective Tools

To resolve -

  • Self defeating behaviours
  • Sabotage
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • Spiritual blockages
  • Inadequacy issues
  • Negative patterns
  • Limited mindsets
  • Poor attitudes

Advanced sabotage identifying tools

Experience the profound benefits of accessing YOUR FORMULA FOR LIFE with razor sharp accuracy. Tailor your own self help program or enjoy receiving an INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading from one of your local Consultants by phone or in person OR use the on-line reading facility available on our website.

You NOW have access to the Missing-Link for enhancing your wellbeing & life!

These powerful formulas uncover your core sabotage or block
obtain relevant tangible results immediately for continuous & permanent resolution that only takes ONE minute a day.

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Witness Personal Growth, Renewal & Transformation....

Discover the secrets to clearing the sabotages and blocks that hinder your potential for outstanding wellbeing, relationships, finances & career.

Who can benefit?

Adults enjoy how empowering and practical they are, children are instantly drawn to them and love their aromas and adolescents embrace their simplicity and convenience. No matter where you are on your lifes journey, they have the oomph necessary to smooth your progress anytime, all day, everyday.

You can now access your innate treasure trove of knowledge, skills, gifts, talents and strengths

You have a history that has created your present. You have a present that is creating your future.

These aromatic essences are a self care life-line that FAST TRACKS the long arduous journey of processing your stuff with little gain. They are ideal to use when

    • You feel stuck, frustrated, out of balance or going through a rough patch


    • Your life is working but you feel as though something is missing


    • You want your relationships to be better


    • A sense of optimism and wellbeing eludes you


    • You need clarity, focus insight and direction


    • Emotional baggage weighs you down


  • Tedious behaviour patterns stifle you

Our Intention and Passion is to assist you to -

    • Live an empowered balanced life


    • Reap the rewards of living your Highest intention each day


    • Move through limitations that hold you back


    • Gain profound insight into your inner personal journey


    • Free yourself from deep core negative beliefs


    • Address personal challenges and life lessons


  • Support your Souls journey and experience a lightness of Being

  • Allow your consciousness to shift to higher level of awareness


They helped me fully realise how much I was holding back and what I really wanted to say and relationships improved incredibly.they have helped relieve the fear I was feeling and livingI feel more confident in making decisionsI am taking on more leadership positionsI am totally in the flow of life that is bringing new opportunities..they have helped me with anxiety, they have a calming affect that allows me to settle down and see more clearly into a situation that is troubling me.They have provided support in a way I never imagined possible.I am calm and centred the instant I use themThe sprays augment my inner work and are surprisingly powerful.

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The Missing Link!

Target, clear and resolve your personal imbalances with ease and enjoy reaping the benefits of using our revolutionary products and services so you Live the Life you Desire and Deserve.


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Cutting Edge Solutions for living your full potential...

The 39 potent formulas have the strength and depth to facilitate you through the complex issues you face in todays world, elevating you to a new level, as they uplift and assist you to let go of what is holding you back and causing you to sabotage your life. Each exquisite blends frequency and aroma is formulated
to work with your individual needs.

Why so effective?

They provide the exact Mind-Body alignment opportunity necessary for the precise shifts to occur within your psycho-physical make up. Empowered behaviours and positive ways of responding become evident rather than just shuffling papers ie re-arranging your blocks or issues and not eliminating them.

They work in harmony with you for your inner authority and wisdom to emerge.

Their purpose is to solely (SOULY) benefit you when
you want to target a key area in your life and address an imbalance or block. They effectively link-up your emotional state, mindset, behaviours and spiritually harnessing the power of your Mind Body
Soul Connection.


More than just an exquisite aroma....

They comprise of a power packed synergy of natures finest life giving ingredients and beautiful aromas...
Consisting of a delicate blend of therapeutic grade pure essential oils and essence extracts that are finely tuned and synergistically combined to ensure the exact distinctive balance of up to 100 ingredients are precisely formulated. They are further enhanced with a quantum energy philosophy and technology.
Each aromatic essence is made with the highest care and prepared to ensure that the beauty and potency of these Divine blends are protected.

  • 100% pure natural and/or organic
  • Free from chemicals and synthetic emulsions
  • No ingredients are tested on animals
  • Eco Friendly minimal packaging used
  • Bottles are recycled when returned

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Australian Aromatic Essences Brochure


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