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Peter Kroesche

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Cerule is a biotech company that sells proven, one-of-a-kind, wellness products. Cerule is building Extraordinary Lives

Stem Cell Support & Sports Nutrition

There is a link between the number of stem cells in circulation and the formation of degenerative diseases: people that have developed degenerative diseases have roughly half the number of stem cells found in the blood of healthy people.

All the cells in our body have a limited life span. Some live for a few days, others for weeks and some for years.
Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants, feed nourish and protect our cells, but no matter how much you feed them they will die off.
Adult StemCells are the cells that replace these dying cells with brand new healthy cells.

About Peter Kroesche 

In all my years in the industry I have never seen a company with such breakthrough, life changing products and visionary leadership. All the necessary components entrepreneurs look for are in place. Embrace this incredible opportunity today and share the Best the World has to offer.
I have long appreciated the benefits of good nutrition and life style practitioners on our lives. Now scientific research is teaching us that higher level of circulating Adult Stem cells we have in our body is one of the most beneficial factors for optimal health.
Friends have made the decision to embrace these patented products as I did, and it is fulfilling to see the people's lives switch and they expressed their happiness.  
I want you to join me and make health our top priority this year. 

Introduction to Cerule 

Cerule, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, is officially known as Desert Lake Technologies. 
This is a remarkable organisation that is able to harvest, purify and refine microalgae-based products in the best possible way and become a global leader. According to Greg Newman, president of Cerule, there is a definitive moment in the company’s history when Desert Lake Technologies was transferred to Cerule. 
Stem Cell Nutrition acts as a source for people with good reason who want to play an active role in helping their body and well-being.

What We Do

  • Connect With Us - for decades we have embraced and studied nutrition 
  • Schedule Exercise - there are lifestyle and dietary options that maximise our quality of life and more Adult Stem Cell can be part of that life choice.
  • Celebrate Success - your life deserves to be extraordinary. Do not forget to share with those close to you what science has brought

Advantages of Stem Cells 

A baby's blood flow of adult stem cells is 100%. When a child splits its leg or has an injury or disease, it cures and repairs quickly as its adult stem cell release system works optimally.
It all slows down as we age: Cuts and scrapes require longer to heal, and even longer to rebound from colds and coughs. This is because our adult stem cells are not released from the bone marrow so efficiently.
In order to repair damage and maintain your health, the human body relies on adult stem cells in the bone marrow. The key role played both in health and disease by adult stem cells is one of today's most important health discoveries.

Use of Stem Cells

  • Adult stem cells are your system of natural renovation, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation 
  • Adult stem cells can also be our cells that battle diseases to raise our immune system
  • Your body sends adult stem cells to substitute damaged tissue cells for young, well-functioning new cells.
  • We experience sickness, pain and decreased well-being when the pace of mobile failure becomes higher than that of cellular renewal
  • The number of adult stem cells in circulation can be improved with stem cell feeding through diet, food alternatives, work, and day nutrient supplementation. 

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