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Member since
Jul 2009

Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

Phone 03 5998 4570
Address Unit 4
2 Codrington St
Cranbourne VIC 3977
Servicing Areas Cranbourne and Sth. Eastern Suburbs
Fax 03 5998 4572
Special Interest in Spinal Alignment and Health Practitioner Coaching.

Chiropractors Cranbourne

Dr Andrew Arnold

Special Interest in Spinal Alignment and Health Practitioner Coaching

Dr. Andrew Arnold is the senior Practitioner and owner of Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. He has over 25 years in practice experience in Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Homeopathy, and Chiropractic. Andrew has been practicing in Cranbourne since his graduation from RMIT in 1998. Andrew loves going to the gym, riding his motorbike, playing golf, the beach and listening to beautiful calming music. Andrew and Linda also have two children. 

Member: Chiropractic Australia

Dr. Joe Cho

Specializing in Spinal Engineering

I have been living in Melbourne with my family since 2004. I was a mechanical engineer previously, for 9 years in South Korea before becoming a Chiropractor. Although the structural analysis of mechanical parts is a totally different field from chiropractic, there are also similar principles, namely, examining, planning, constructing and managing the hardware and software for optimal functioning. Posture under different conditions likewise shapes our body's structure and should, therefore, be well maintained. My primary goal for my patients is getting them out of pain. I use various treatment approaches like adjustments, mobilization, and soft tissue techniques, to allow optimal stability and function.

Dr. Joe Youn-Jae Cho, Doctor of Chiropractic, M.Sc.Engineering (Mechanical) M.Clinical Chiropractic, Member: Chiropractic Australia

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