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Float Industries Australia

Growing the sustainability of Australia's Float Industry

Float Industries Australia


Float Industries Australia

 Float Industries Australia are proud to be the preferred providers of Apollo Float Tank Installation, Servicing and Training.  We have collaborated with Apollo manufacturers to bring you over 37 years combined experience and insight. Float Tank options vary in style, cost and functionality, but most importantly it is the continued support that brings the greatest value. Float Industries Australia are passionate and dedicated when it comes to service and reliability. Creating sound foundations in the early stages of building your Float centre or adding to your already established business can impact your return on investment in profound ways.

Pre-used tanks are a good option when your budget is limited, therefore it is important to make an informed decision based on your needs and goals.

Apollo Float Tanks

Apollo Float Tanks have dedicated the last 30 years to providing quality, functional float tanks throughout Australia. The “Apollo” has lasted the test of time and therefore is a trusted option in Australia’s Float Industry.


Float Tank Installation

Float Industries Australia can arrange all aspects of your Float Tank Installation process. Installing a Float Tank into your already existing business or a full fit out for a dedicated Float Centre can determine the necessary requirements. We are happy to work with you based on your needs and preferences.

View an Installation job completed by Float Industries Australia

Float Tank Delivery

Float Industries Australia can arrange your Float Tank delivery Australia wide. Delivery costs will depend on your location and delivery timeframe requests.


Your Float Tank Maintenance

Your Float Tank maintenance can be serviced by  Float Industries Australia. Our clients can decide if they would like training to start and learn as they grow.  Alternatively, clients can also book regular service calls to ensure that maintenance and servicing of tanks can be supported.

Learn the procedures for maintaining water quality, hygiene and best practices. Above all else, provide the foundations for you to fine-tune your own process as you gain more experience.

Clients can access after care support. Most noteworthy can be arranged at any time throughout your journey of fine-tuning your business operations.

Training for owners & staff

As a client, you can host corporate workshops on wellbeing and relaxation. Host a workshop for your staff, which can, therefore, shift mindsets from problem to goal focus. Because of this shift in mindset, you can create a healthy workplace.  You can host a workshop for your community to educate them on the benefits of relaxation and Float Therapy. Clients can book individual Neuro-linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy sessions can be arranged to release any limiting beliefs preventing you from success.

If you would like owner or staff training on managing your Float Centre practise, we can tailor a program to your needs.

Where can I Float in Australia

So you have heard about float therapy or sensory deprivation and all of the amazing health benefits that can be achieved, now it is time to choose the right location to book in. There are many different styles and types of float tanks or pods, which can make the selection process overwhelming.