Greenpower Wheatgrass Juicer Australia

Auburn NSW 2144

Servicing area: Australia and New Zealand

Greenpower Wheatgrass Juicer Australia

Greenpower Wheatgrass Juicer Australia

About Greenpower Juicer Co., Ltd.

Under the philosophy of contributing to the health and peace of human being, Greenpower Juicer Co., Ltd. has developed world first slow juice extractor equipped with unique twin gear system since 1988 ,not only giving no damage to the nutrient of fresh juice but also does not generate iron dust and plastic dust as well.

The company has been exporting its Greenpower juice extractor over to more than 20 countries Including USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Taiwan and etc. In 1988, Greenpower juicer Co., Ltd. has started to manufacture in Korea and then they have been manufacturing more than 20 types of juice extractor so far for mostly domestic use and commercial one as well.

With its continuous research and development, the company has now become a technology-intensive enterprise , having over 600 invention patents on the juice extractor registered or pending in Korea and overseas countries.

This remarkable and ceaseless development made the company win more than 20 awards of Grand, gold or silver prizes at International Invention Contests and Shows in Geneva Switzerland, Nuremburg Germany, and Pittsburgh USA and etc, as well as the prize of president and ministry of Commerce, industry and energy in Korea.

Greenpower Juicer Co., Ltd. wishes all people as the valuable customers healthy life and happiness with this top quality juice extractor and we will continuously endeavor to the utmost to achieve its philosophy and company vision which contributes to the health and peace of human being with Greenpower Juice Extractor.

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