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Sep 2018

Hemp Oz

Phone +61433229096
Address Sydney NSW 2000

Hemp Oz


Hemp Oz's purpose is to provide the best organic natural products to health conscious consumers. Wholesome hemp innovation in food, beverages and oils.

100% Australian owned and operated business located in Sydney.

Our first batch of next level health drinks are now available for distributors and stockists. Click here to find out more.

Sugar's out. Hemp's in. Who's not up for that?

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2DayFM promo - Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)


As part of our 2DayFM campaign, Hemp Oz is promoting our 10 + 2 special

Buy our Hemp Kombucha promo case and receive 10 Hemp kombucha and 2 Hemp infused water valued at $67.00


Hemp infused water (12 bottles)


Rethink water. Refreshingly tasty with a zestful twist.

No sugar. Natural organic flavours. The water you have been looking for.

To find cafes, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy our next level health drinks follow us on Instagram & Facebook. Cheers!

Hemp Kombucha (12 bottles)


Hemp Kombucha is 100% Australian and it is Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha organic drink setting the standards for low sugar health drinks worldwide.

This drink will explode and pop the taste buds to give you the guilt free soft drink experience to quench the thirst and nourish the gut.

Combined with the probiotics in Kombucha that is made up of symbiotic cultures of bacteria in yeast (Scoby) which boosts energy, strengthens immune system, detoxifies the body and is good gut health.

Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit $99 (ex GST)


The kit you've been looking for to help kick start your kombucha healthiness. The kit includes everything you need to start brewing:

Organic loose leaf tea - the best blend for the finest tasting kombucha
Organic cane sugar - the scoby eats this and turns it into the healing tonic
Scoby - this guy does all the work to create the magic
pH strips - to test the pH level - you want it tasting just right
Instructions - so you know how to do it of course!
Hemp Oil - the magic ingredient to shake it up for optimum health and taste

Hemp Protein Powder - 400g


Hemp protein powder has 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids that your body is unable to produce on its own and must be obtained from dietary sources. 

Hemp Seed Oil - 100 ml


Hemp seed oil has a bold nutty flavour great for salad dressings, dips, smoothies and is also used for skin care treatments.

All our products are 100% natural, grown organically and processed in food safe, allergen free environments.

Check out our recipes page!

Hemp Seeds - 400g


Hemp seeds are so versatile, with a mild nutty flavour and creamy texture they are delicious in sweet or savoury dishes.

Sprinkle on salads, cereals, and granola, add to smoothies and bowls.

They can be roasted, baked into brownies, cookies, breads and muffins, rolled into bliss balls, used in veggie patties and even made into hemp milk!

You can add hemp seeds to pretty much anything.

They are the perfect staple for your wholefood pantry. 

For all enquiries contact us today!