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Inspire Me Naturally

Janice Ferguson

6/30 Ereton Drv
Arundel QLD 4214

Servicing area: Arundel, Southport, Gold Coast QLD & Australia-Wide

Inspire Me Naturally

Keep your home clean, fragrant and free from toxins with our natural and organic home essentials.

Air Diffusers, Salt Lamps, Alps Glass Filtration Unit, Mineral Stones & Prill Beads

Natural Home Essentials You Love 

Envelop your abode in Arundel QLD with natural air purifiers and fragrances from Inspire Me Naturally. We offer diffusers, essential oils and other household items that will help you create an inviting home. 

Aryya Teardrop Diffuser

Keep the air in your home clean and safe with this diffuser that combines bamboo and frosted glass.

Bamboofon Natural Palms

Its rustic design connects you to nature while you listen to music and charge your mobile phone.

Bamboofon Natural Tribal

Made from environmentally friendly materials, this BambooFon can fit practically any smartphone and allow it to charge.

SOL Diffuser

Keep your home fragrant by infusing your choice of essential oils in water and allowing its scent to diffuse into the air.

Anise Diffuser

Fill your home with a cool and refreshing scent day in, day out.

Beech Mist Diffuser

Experience aromatherapy like you’ve never before with this relaxing mist diffuser.

Blue Silver Diffuser

Adorn your home while keeping it aromatic with this handmade decorative diffuser.

Buddha Diffuser

Relish the sweet scent of your favourite essential oil with this Buddha diffuser that doubles as a decorative table piece.

Devanti Bee Aroma Diffuser

Avoid stale air with this zen-inspired diffuser which comes with an LED night light that emits seven colours. 

Devanti Forrest Aroma Diffuser

Calm your mind and body as this air purifier does an excellent job at purifying the air and filling your home with sweet scents.

Galaxy 3D Glass Diffuser

Create a light, inviting atmosphere with this oil diffuser that offers the benefits of aromatherapy.

Glass Bottle Diffuser Lemongrass

Enjoy the scent of nature all day and all night. This item comes with a refillable glass diffuser and a bottle of essential oil.

Glass Bottle Diffuser Mental Clarity

This essential oil and refillable glass diffuser package will no doubt keep your home fresh all day long.

Harmony Diffuser

Surround yourself with sweet scents coming from this essential oil diffuser that comes in three designs to fit your home motif. 

Kiyoshi Ultrasonic Salt Lamp Diffuser

Bask in an aromatherapy experience with this mist diffuser that combines technology and tranquility.

Deep Blue

Relax and reinvigorate tired muscles with this soothing oil which is available in 5ml, 10ml, 9ml and 40oz.

Enrolment Kits

Own a collection of pure essential oils, daily shower essentials, and the perfect blend of essential oils.

Household Essentials

Reinvigorate your body and refresh your mind by adding these natural and safe items to your collection of everyday household items.


Keep your home and body essentials within reach, such as our Emotional Aromatherapy Kit, Family Essential Kit, as well as essential oils for mood management.

Oil Blends

Boost your mood, fix digestive problems and improve cellular health with our wide range of essential oil blends

On Guard 

Our On Guard brand offers a whole range of products that protect your home home and family’s health.

Single Oils

Reduce stress, boost your mood and avoid environmental threats with your choice of essential oil, or better yet, try all 12 of them.

Crafted Lamps

Our Himalayan salt lamps come in different shapes, sizes and varying degrees of light orange and dark red.

Edible Salt

Make your dishes more flavourful with pink Himalayan salt. You can have it fine, coarse or granule. 

Natural Lamps

These Himalayan salt lamps purify the air and emit a yellow or orange glow that creates a restful mood.

Salt Lamp Accessories

Keep bulbs of different wattage and replacement leads in stock to ensure your Himalayan salt lamps are always working around your house.

Tea Light Holders

These salt tea light holders purify the air as they release negative ions that kill viruses. 

Bath & Spa

Experience a refreshing and relaxing bath with our detox spa salts, Himalayan salt bar, and kids bath soak.

Glass Jar Lamps

Elegant lamps made from genuine Himalayan salts that are capable of releasing negative ions that clear stale air.

Iron Baset Salt Lamps

Handmade lamps that can accentuate any surface in your house. These are equipped with a light bulb and lead.

Salt Cooking Slabs

Enhance the flavour of your dishes and benefit from the nutrient-packed Himalayan salt slab. 

Laundry Tonic Clean Linen 20ml

Enjoy fresh and fragrant bedsheets from the washer as this product combines a blend of pure essential oils.

Organic Bicarb Soda 500g

Relieve pain, improve your skin and restore your body's pH balance with this organic sodium bicarbonate.

Organic Bicarb Soda 5kg

A bucket of organic sodium bicarbonate offers more benefits. Consult your health practitioner before taking.

Stainless Steel Pegs 316 Marine Grade – That Red House

Take care of your clothes and the environment by shifting from plastic to eco-friendly laundry pegs.

Copper Water Bottle

Handcrafted copper bottle that’s a healthier substitute for its plastic counterpart.

Crystal Gem Pod Rejuvenation

Take time to renew your energy with this Carnelian and clear quartz in a crystal pod.

Alps Ceramic Dome

Always ensure safe drinking water at your home with this water filtration ceramic dome.

Alps Filter Cartridge

A six-layer cartridge that traps dirt, removes metal traces during filtration, neutralizes atoms, and balances water’s pH level.

Alps Glass Filtration Unit 18L

Eliminates all types of water contaminants through a 10-stage purifying process.

Alps Mineral Stones

These stones keep water fresh, basic and free from bacteria and viruses.

Alps Prill Beads Double

Increase the pH level of your drinking water to 8.0 with these Prill Beads.

Alps Prill Beads Single

Complementing your Alps Water Filtration System with Prill Beads ensures clean drinking water.

Alps Water Filter Tap & Faucet

Restores the natural energy and pH levels of tap water and micro-clusters it to enhance its health properties.

Alps Water Filtration Unit 12L

This purification system eliminates all types of impurities in tap water through a 10-stage filtration process.

Essential Nourishing Dog Wash

Safe for your furry friend, this product leaves their coat and body clean and freshly scented.

Retro Reminders Cat

Never miss your cat’s checkup with these magnetic fridge notes.

Retro Reminders Dog

Too busy to remember your dog’s doctor appointments? These fridge magnets will remind you.

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