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Fill the corners of your home with the warmth and charm of our Himalayan salt lamps. 

Inspire Me Naturally offers Himalayan salt lamps and bath products in Arundel QLD that soothe the body and mind.

These products help alleviate symptoms of various health disorders and promote overall wellness.

Himalayan Salt Lamps & Salt Products

Crafted Lamps

Our lamps come in various shapes and sizes and emit varying degrees of light oranges and reds that create a warm ambience. 

Edible Salt

Whether you want your salt fine or coarse, we have them right here packed and ready to be shipped to your place. Complement your purchase with a Stainless Steel Grinder Pack.

Natural Lamps

Course in appearance yet relaxing to the sight as these lamps emit a warm orange to reddish light.

Salt Lamp Accessories

Maintaining your Himalayan salt lamps does not take much effort. We offer replacement bulbs and leads so that you can enjoy the benefits of your lamps in the years to come. 

Tea Light Holders

Add our Salt Tea Light Holder and Yin Yang Tealight Holder to your collection. Aside from contributing to a relaxing ambience, these serve as pretty table accents.

Bath & Spa

Indulge in a relaxing detox bath with our spa salts, Himalayan salt bar,  Magnesium & Himalayan Salt, and Kids Bath Soak.

Detox Salt Bath & Spa Salts

Mix salts in your bath and relish a relaxing and rejuvenating body soak.

Himalayan Salt Bar

Our soap bars are made from 100% genuine Himalayan salt from Pakistan. These are formulated to treat various skin conditions like eczema, acne and fungal infections.

Himalayan Salt Pipe

Made of durable porcelain, this salt inhaler offers the benefits of a salt crystal therapy. It helps in alleviating asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and allergies.

Kids Bath Soak

Adding a cup of this product to the bath will surely refresh and relax your little ones after a long, busy day at school.

Magnesium & Himalayan Salt

This product combines the healing properties of magnesium flakes and minerals of Himalayan salts to soothe tired muscles, reduce stress and detox the body. 

Pink Edible Salt (Fine)

Take your cooking up to the next level with our salts that were sourced from the Himalayas in Pakistan. 

Pink Salt (Coarse)

Enhance the flavour of your dishes with this natural pink rock salt. 

Pink Salt (Granule)

Improve not only the taste of your favourite dishes, but also your overall wellness with this pure pink-coloured Himalayan salt.


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