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Mar 2019

Laviol Skincare Solution

Contact Name Laviol Skincare
Phone +61402389291
Mobile 0402389291
Address North Rocks NSW 2151
Servicing Areas Australian probiotic skincare products using probiotics, prebiotics and Australian native plant extracts to strengthen skin barrier and provide natural solutions to problem skin.

Welcome to Laviol Skincare Solution

Probiotic skincare for sensitive skin

Laviol Skincare Solution

About Us

Probiotic skincare is specially designed to strengthen skin’s barrier against environmental threats and to reduce the factors that trigger redness, skin sensitivities, and irritation. Probiotic skincare is a natural skincare solution and one of the most cutting-edge concepts in skin care today. When the skin microbiome is harmonised, the skin complexion is radiant and glowing. The moisture is kept inside the skin and therefore the skin feels soft and hydrated. However, when the skin microbiome is interrupted, for example with a poor diet or using harsh cleansers, it can cause acne, breakouts, eczema, rosacea, and random sensitivities.

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Qualification Details

Laviol Skincare Solution is founded by personal care formulation chemist and beauty experts.