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Protandim—Health Through

LifeVantage studies the impact of good nutrition on gene expression to support a healthy and happy life.
Cellular science with spectacular results. Our vision is to help people maintain optimal health as they age was simple:
combat oxidative stress at the cellular level. Stronger, healthier cells for a healthier life. And our Protandim delivered


We dare to imagine and abundant world where both physical and financial health is optimised. We Belive your well-being matters. That’s why we’ve combined the cuttingedge research of nutrigenomics with a leveraged plan to build your own legacy.
Because You Matter


The sun, the air, even sleeping — life takes its toll. Protandim, a patented formula, supplements what daily living takes out. Free Radicals, generated through the process of living life (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), are inevitable for everyone. Comprised of natural plant ingredients.


• Protandim is a daily dietary supplement that combats free radicals.


Using nutrigenomics, our research shows that keeping your mitochondria functioning at peak performance starts with the NRF1 pathway. By activating the pathway, Protandim NRF1 Synergizer turns on mitochondrial function and biogenesis. Like flipping a light switch, Protandim NRF1 Synergizer instructs your cells to produce more mitochondria. And that gives your cells the energy you need to feel more active, alert, and younger.


Protandim NRF1 Synergizer works on the cellular level to
enhance energy levels


ProBio delivers 6 Billion CFU's of healthy bacteria and each strain of bacteria has a unique benefit. Probiotics are measured in Colony Forming Units (CFU), which is a measurement of healthy live bacteria. Using a broad array of probiotic strains provides you with a spectrum of bene ts for your gut. More is not always better— especially when it comes to probiotics. Having a balanced amount of probiotics that are alive when they arrive in your gut is more important than the quantity you ingest. That’s why LifeVantage ProBio uses controlled-release technology to deliver live probiotics deep into your small and large intestine. When it comes to digestion health, sometimes your gut is wrong. Science, on the other hand, is usually spot on. ProBio provides support for your optimal digestion.


  • Provides 6 Billion CFUs* of healthy bacteria to support your digestive system
  • Restores your gut flora with healthy bacteria
  • Support for your optimal digestion
  • Maintain or support digestion or assimilation of nutrients

*The 6 billion CFU is at time of manufacture.


With Enhanced Nrf2 Technologies
4 TrueScience Products

TrueScience Cleanser, TrueScience Perfecting Lotion, TrueScience Eye Corrector Serum, TrueScience Facial Cream.

In Just 4 Weeks, Skin Appears Renewed and Visibly Younger Looking

A revolutionary beauty system proven in a cosmetic study to visibly
address the signs of aging. This regimen offers instant and
cumulative benefits.


• Mitigates visible effects of skin damage caused by oxidative
• Steps up skin’s own protective barriers
• Provides protection against environmental assaults on skin
• Counterbalances the visible negative effects of sun related

Compositions of the TrueScience Anti-aging cream and eye serum are protected under patent US, 928,374 B2


Removes dirt, oil and light make-up just as you would expect from a high-end cleanser, without the use of harsh detergents that strip the healthy oils and moisture your skin needs for that healthy glow. Soap-free, and paraben-free. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and use around the eyes.


The Perfecting Lotion is an evolutionary step in skin care. Not simply a toner or serum, this Nrf2-packed formula is scientifically engineered to help diminish the appearance of discoloration, visibly improve skin tone, and leave you with smoother, brighter, and more radiant looking skin. Paraben-free and alcohol-free. Brighter, more luminous, radiant, and even skin tone in just 4 weeks.


By minimizing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and delicate wrinkles, TrueScience Eye Serum takes a refreshing new approach to bringing out the best in your eyes. Your eyes make the first impression. Unfortunately, they’re also the first to show signs of aging. When your eyes look bigger and brighter, so does your soul. From firmer looking skin to reducing the appearance of puness and dark circles, TrueScience Eye Serum delivers the delicate attention that your eyes need and deserve to look and feel their best.


Anti-Aging Cream gives you the hydration your skin desperately needs, with the anti-aging benefits that visibly lift, firm, and tighten your skin. Utilizing Nrf2 technology, the cream is scientifically engineered to deeply moisturize your skin and smooth the appearance of wrinkles—particularly crow’s feet and those feathery lines around the lips. Skin will look rejuvenated, visibly younger and healthier in just 28 days.


Hand Cream

Finally, a hand cream that works as hard as your hands do With all you put your hands through, they deserve the best. After all, these are your hands we’re talking about. They make that first impression, wash the dishes, fix your house, and stand up to the elements day after day. When it comes to skincare, you can neglect your hands, but we wouldn’t recommend it.
TrueScience Hand Cream is the perfect blend of Nrf2 ingredients and natural moisturizers (plant based oils, shea butter and naturally derived PCA) that gives your hands the hydration they need without all the grease you don’t. TrueScience Hand Cream is long lasting and quick-absorbing, so you can use your hands to do more than simply reach for your lotion.
TrueScience Hand Cream leaves your skin feeling soft and silky with Nrf2 ingredients and powerful moisturizers. Used daily, TrueScience Hand Cream can help:


• Reinforce your skin
• Boost your skin’s water and lipid content
• Invigorate with a fresh grapefruit-eucalyptus fragrance


In the past, if you wanted to reduce your toxic burden on the environment you needed to settle for hair care products that simply weren’t as effective. Not anymore. Introducing the TrueScience® Hair Care System, the biohacker’s approach to hair care. Formulated with the most recent advances in science and Nrf2 ingredients, along with clean ingredients that are good for you and the environment, TrueScience Hair Care is a breath of fresh air. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is spending too long in the shower. Introducing the TrueScience® Hair Care System. It’s designed to help biohackers treat their hair right with Nrf2 ingredients, effective science and clean ingredients. No hype. No status quo. Just hair care that actually takes care of your hair.


  • Clean formula
  • Soothes all scalp types
  • Nourishes your scalp by moisturizing
  • Protects against environmental elements
  • Improves shine and body for fuller and thicker looking hair
  • Mindfully formulated with Nrf2 Ingredients

TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo

Life is already filled with too many choices. That’s why we created a shampoo that doesn’t make you choose. Good for your hair. Good for the environment. It cleanses with a safe formula and invigorates with peppermint oil. TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo is formulated with Nrf2 ingredients and a blend of amino acids to eliminate hair frizz and strengthen each strand of hair. By selecting mild surfactants that create a gentle lather, you will get cleaner, healthier-looking hair without having to compromise.

TrueScience Nourishing Conditioner

Softer, smoother more comb-able. TrueScience Nourishing Conditioner is designed to deliver the daily nourishment and protection your hair needs to look its best. No frizz. No harsh chemicals. All good.

TrueScience Scalp Serum

Great looking hair starts with your scalp. With TrueScience Scalp Serum, you get the patented active ingredients, superior protection from environmental assaults, and all the nutrients you need for thicker, fuller, shinier looking hair.

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