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Lively Living

Julie Parr

179 PO Box 179 St
Palm Beach, Gold Coast QLD 4221

Servicing area: Elanora, Palm Beach & Gold Coast QLD & Australia Wide

Lively Living

Lively Living provides quality and consistency in the use of mist vaporizer and sleeping aids that are 100% healthy and convenient to use for the entire family.

Ioniser, Air Purifier, Humidifier, Light including RED LED

Aroma Diffusers 

Through Lively Living Aromatherapy Diffuser / Vaporiser is powered by advanced techniques and works its magic through ultrasonic via water. These vibrations transform into a cool, heat-free vapor, making sure that essential oil spreads are retained in its purest form and released into the air in a thin, easy to absorb and inhale. No condenses have been created without the heat source. As opposed to fire-based oil burners that modify the oil composition during heating, the molecular composition of the oil remains undisturbed. 


The advanced ultrasonic technology of Lively Living vibrates water with 2.4 million hertz per second, producing healthy negative ions, called anions, which function as an ioniser to help dust and bacteria get out of the air. This technique raises anion during the oscillator disc stimulation that is good for your health and does not contain ozone. 

Air Purifier

Lively Living Diffusers emit large anion amounts. The electrostatic reactions of these anions with air-borne pollution and impurities in the air are caused. We work with negative ions to clean oxygen through the absorption of allergy pollens and the reduction of particles, dirt stalk, and scent. Used with the aid of our essential oil varieties from Lively Living, the introduction of antibacterial properties that are spread throughout the environment tends to purify the air and to rid of airborne bacteria. 


The ultrasonic waves produced by our diffusers increase air humidity to counter heating and air-conditioning drying effects and keep you safe and relaxed regardless of the season.

Light including RED LED

Each ultrasonic diffuser from Lively Living has an ambient illumination setting that can be turned off by safe LED lighting if desired. With the orange setting and Red Light Therapy atmosphere, the softening light spectrum helps to make the shift to a deeper sleep period simpler and with many other benefits related to a good night’s sleep.

The “Breathing Light” function utilises a warm white light that adjusts the color of the light. This light softly vibrates simulates a relaxed human breath to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. There are different light choices for every Lively scent diffuser type, so you can test our selection of exclusive styles to see which light therapy settings and features best match the needs of your family. 

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Lively Living: Aroma-Dream Ultrasonic Diffuser