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Malvern Natural Health Care

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that brings together natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, homeopathy, counselling and more.

Malvern Natural Health Care - Naturopathy

What is Naturopathy?

The natural functions of your body such as digestion, immunity, detoxification, nervous system balance and so on can be supported regardless of any medical condition. When in a state of balance your health and energy are excellent and your body is naturally resistant to disease.
Naturopathic Medicine is both safe and highly effective in treating long term, chronic conditions as well as common illnesses and symptoms. The real causes of poor health are identified and corrected, often providing dramatic results where other treatments may have failed.

Naturopathy: much more than treating symptoms...
  • Stimulates the body’s vital force (its capacity to self-heal)
  • Improves natural detoxification so that your body can function normally.
  • Regulates immunity to fight infection and address auto-immune conditions.
  • Discovers solutions where conventional medicine hasn't.
  • Combines the best of evidence based therapies with genuine caring and remedies that work
  • Puts you in control of your own health and that of your family.

What happens in a naturopathic consultation?

During your initial one hour naturopathic consultation, your practitioner will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health, which may include iridology, blood pressure or urine or glucose testing, medical history and examination, zinc testing, tongue and fingernail examination and dietary analysis.

Live Blood Screening, Body Composition / Cellular Analysis (VLA) Genetic Testing or other investigations maybe be recommended as required, usually to be performed at a separate session.

After a thorough case history, careful examination and testing as required we'll explain the reasons behind your condition and work with you to design a step by step, practical treatment program. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs, budget and readiness to make changes. We support and encourage you every step of the way.

Our approach to other therapies is integrative so if you are seeing a doctor or other medical specialist we can work together to give you the best possible outcome.

Follow up consultations are relaxed 30 min sessions where results are monitored, treatments modified as required and encouragement and support are provided .

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Qualification Details

B. H. Sci Naturopathy, Cert Remedial Massage, Cert Positive Psychotherapy, Post grad studies Fertility management, Live Blood Screening, Bio Impedence (VLA Body Scan)

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