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Puratae Superfood

Donnella Clarke

Marsden QLD 4132

Servicing area: Marsden & South Brisbane QLD

Puratae Superfood

Learn how to create a clean and balanced life through natural, whole food.

Pure Superfood, Limbic Arc & InfoBoost

Your Guide to Creating the Life That You Love

Welcome to Puratae Superfood, your guide to living your best life. Our company in Marsden QLD exists to help you cultivate a pure, balanced life.

Puratae means ‘Pure balanced life” in Latin. Anything that is pure and natural is free of unhealthy ingredients, artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. It’s something you would give your children.

A pure, balanced life is one that has a clear meaning. It’s knowing your direction and having the courage to follow it. At Puratae, our goal is to guide you on the path of a pure, clean and balanced life.

Charging your body with whole food is the key to developing a healthy, energised and balanced body. Starting your day with pur Pure Superfood will make you better today than yesterday as it contains 14 supplements that provide a host of benefits to your body. 

Aside from improving your health and overall wellbeing, our goal is to feed and nourish millions of children around the world who go to school every day on an empty stomach. 

Every dollar you spend on a pack of Pure Superfood helps feed 66 million children in need. Together, we can put an end to hunger and give hope to others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and help others find their own personal best through living a pure, balanced life — while helping feed impoverished children throughout the world.


The Limbic Arc System and How It Can Help You

The Limbic Arc was created by Dr. Vaughn Cook. According to the good doctor, the system got its name because of its ability to connect the old brain and the new brain. The Limbic Arc controls everything in your brain that is responsible for your behaviours, motivation and long-term memory.

The Limbic Arc has two parts. The first is a library of information fields that exists on the internet cloud and contains information about natural substances like vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils. The second part is an app which you download onto your smartphone to access the library in the cloud.

How to Use the Limbic Arc

Once you log into the Limbic Arc app, you can access the online library and select the items you need for your energy fields.

For example, one collection of items in the library is called Calm. It contains lavender, rose oil, essential fatty acids, curcumin and other items that are known to address anxiety and irritability, which are the opposite of calm. 

Once those items have been activated, their energy fields are adjusted with your energy field. This is made possible by a process called Entanglement, which happens between the online library and your app. 

The process of activating items or a collection of items in the online library is called InfoBoost. It gives your body information about the items you have selected so that your body can focus its energies on these and benefit from doing so.

The program length for an InfoBoost lasts 8 days, though you can adjust the duration as you see fit. However, you need to pay attention to how you feel throughout this period. 

The Limbic Arc is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease, but you may notice physical benefits from an InfoBoost.

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