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Ray of Light
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Ancient wisdom for modern life

Ray of Light - Retreats

Workshops and Courses

Our wellness workshops and courses are designed to inspire positive change in your life. We offer a diverse range of programs with respected teachers, on ayurvedic lifestyle techniques, cooking, yoga, music, art, philosophy, and meditation.

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Retreats and Journeys

1-Day, Weekend, and Bali Retreats

We do everything for you on our retreats. We nurture, nourish, and feed you. We take away all your responsibilities, to give you time away from your busy life. Theres no washing up, daily duties, or busy agenda. Our philosophy is that this time is your time, and were here to serve and support you. Programs include yoga, meditation, spa treatments, time-out to explore, all meals, and more. Join us for a one-day indulgence session, weekend getaway, or longer escape to Bali.

Adventure to India

These annual adventures are really about journeying to the source of yoga and the ancient teachings. During these adventures in India, Rachel shares the people shes met along the way, as well as her teachers, and places that have touched her. Participants in these journeys make friends for life, encounter life-changing insights and are expanded beyond their comfort zone. All have experienced rich personal growth and a deepening of their knowledge of yoga.

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Community Events

Ray of Light offers a space for conscious community to come together. From crochet to kirtan, film nights to fundraisers, and philosophy discussion groups, to morning teas. We engage community as part of an essential ingredient in personal and collective health.

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The Ray of Light Story

Ray of Light was born when Rachel Nokes, yoga, and India, all came together. A beautiful, secluded sanctuary nestled between ocean and mountain in the Illawarra escarpment on the south coast of NSW.

Since yoga became central to Rachels life over fifteen years ago, she has taught in places as diverse as rural England, coastal Australia, and the ever-fascinating India. While yoga continues to bring joy to her own life and others, she simultaneously works as a therapist observing the pain, stress and struggle of modern life.

Ray of Light was created to bring together Rachels training as an accredited yoga teacher, yoga therapist, psychotherapist, and ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, to provide a space and a service where ancient wisdoms relieve the stress of contemporary living.

Business with Heart Bali Retreat
November 3rd – 8th 2019
Recreating our brave new world of business, in paradise

You’re not crazy for believing that business is too hard sometimes.

Women in business are adept at being excellent and over-qualified while simultaneously never being good enough. It’s our cultural inheritance at this specific moment in history.

It’s not easy to thrive in business with your heart intact. Too often, women with heart and integrity believe that business is a compromise. That to earn excellent coin, we need to compromise our values and beliefs, act out of integrity, or pretend to be someone different. Business can be hugely tricky to navigate when your motivations are far larger than just making money.

It’s more than possible to have amazing strengths, significant experience, professional accolades, and clients who adore you, and still be at a loss about where your profit disappears to.

So many of us women in business start with little-to-no marketing or business skills. We’re experts in our domain, but not necessarily in business. We learn fast and pick things up ‘on the trot’, but know there’s more to know, if only we could find the time for learning, and the teachers to make this easy and fun.

When we go to typical business development events, we feel patronised, misunderstood, and oh-so-alone. New age business events aren’t much better, being high on the feel-good factor and low on practical, actionable, useful advice.

We’ve had enough of seeing so many talented women in business who are lacking support, quality training and information to grow their businesses, and who are constantly working too hard for too little. That’s why we put our heads and hearts together to create Business with Heart.

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The Art of teaching yoga 1:1
10th-15th November 2019

5 night retreat in North Bali
A therapeutic, individualistic approach into your teaching. 10th-15th November

Together we will explore the theory and practice of applying and teaching the tools of yoga and Ayurveda to support the individual. Private yoga sessions can add a new dimension to your offerings as a teacher. We are committed to assisting you to build confidence and skills in this area.

  • Observation skills – assessment of joints, spine, mind and breathing patterns.
  • Consultation and counselling skills to create space for healing
  • Sequence design and course planning for the individual
  • Working with injuries and ailments therapeutically
  • The Pancha maya model seeing the student as a whole
  • Valuing function over form how to design practices for the energetic system
  • Doshas & Guna theory to understand the physical and mental constitution of your students.
  • Case studies – workshop style to help you integrate and apply what you are learning you can bring any current students details for us to learn from.

November 10th – 15th 2019
Cost $1795
Early Bird $1595
Expires 1 September 2019

Payment plan

4 easy payments of $499 (must be paid in full by 10th October)

For more information or to make an enquiry contact us today!!


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