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Ray of Light - Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient sister sciences. Ayurveda is a living system of natural medicine that empowers you to heal yourself. Ayurveda seeks to bring you back into balance, to your natural state of good health.

Ayurvedic Health Consultations

With a focus on your long-term wellbeing, these lifestyle consultations identify imbalances in your constitution to improve your digestion, sleep, self-care, and other lifestyle concerns. Rachel designs a personalised program of supportive daily routines including food, recipes, and exercise to bring you to optimal health. You neednít have any experience in food preparation or self-care practices to attend a consultation. Our role is to teach you all you need to know to support your health.

Session 1 - This initial consultation assesses all aspects of your life including diet, exercise, rest, relationships, and work/home environment.

Session 2 - You will be given a well being plan tailored to your constitution which may include herbal remedies, diet, lifestyle and routine, cleansing/detoxification suggestions, exercise & Ayurvedic treatments.

Session 3 - Continued support with recommendations.


Introductory offer 3 consultations (60 minutes each) $250
Ongoing support to assist you in managing and maintaining optimal health $90 per hour

Ayurvedic Treatments

Step out of the everyday and into a tranquil retreat in our ritual room. You will be indulged with herbal tea, trickling water, warm towels, soft music, and organic oils. Each of our therapeutic treatments are designed to support purification, balance or rejuvenation.

Want to rebalance your nervous system or relieve fatigue? Try an Indian scalp massage (Shiroabhyanga), or warm oil flowing in a stream over your brow centre (Shirodhara), or maybe a full-body massage (Abyanaga). See insert for full treatment menu.

Through the specific type, quality and application of medicinal oils, these traditional treatments for health have a profound nutritive effect on every aspect of your being. We use authentic products, including Kottakkal and Omveda oils, skin, and hair-care products which are formulated to traditional Ayurvedic guidelines.

Ayurvedic Treatments Menu : .

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