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LOGONA Herbal Hair Colours – 100 % natural

Very few can keep up with us when it comes to herbal hair colours. LOGONA produced the first herbal hair colours without synthetic additives back in 1985. Instead of chemically removing the hair’s natural colour and damaging its structure, the natural colour pigments of LOGONA Herbal Hair Colours adhere to the outer cuticle and simultaneously nourish the hair, thus providing a healthy alternative to chemical dyes. After a decade of development work, we launched the next innovation in 2005: the LOGONA Color Creme. The ready-to-use herbal hair colour in a tube was the first product of its kind in the entire world – and also provides natural hair colouring without any synthetic additives whatsoever. It is available in a range of beautiful shades. Try it for yourself.

LOGONA quality guarantee

  • LOGONA Herbal Hair Colours meet strict criteria for controlled natural cosmetics (BDIH and NATRUE)

  • 100% herbal colouring

  • Free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives

  • Free from peroxides, ammoniac and any other chemical substances

  • The LOGONA Herbal Hair Colours are especially gentle with long-lasting results

  • All raw materials used are subject to regular controls for pesticide and heavy metal contamination

  • Made in Germany: developed and produced in Germany

  • Developed and produced without animal testing

Herbal Hair Colours from Logona are certified 100% natural with only plant colourants such as organic henna, walnut shells and beetroot. These natural hair dyes contain NO PPD (colouring agent in commercial dyes), NO PEROXIDE, preservative, AMMONIA or any other toxic chemicals. Each hair strand is coated with a colouring and strengthening layer that actually adds volume and shine. It combines with your native hair colour to produce natural looking, radiant results. Suitable for sensitive skin, psoriasis, dandruff, allergies and pregnant women or anyone wanting a chemical free alternative. These semi-permanent colours will last six to eight weeks, provide very good grey coverage and will not attack the natural structure of your hair!

Logona Color Plus

This colouring pre-treatment is recommended to prepare the hair for colouring with LOGONA herbal hair colours and to provide an intense cleansing experience. It frees hair from styling residues such as film formers and silicones.

Logona Colour Conditioner

To intensify the brilliance of your color result and seal the color, we recommend that you wash the hair color mixture from your hair with Logona Color Conditioner instead of your regular shampoo. Rich in noursihing burdock seed oil, betaine, and wheat protein, LOGONA Color Conditioner smooths your hair structure while sealing the color to ensure a long lasting color result.

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