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Reflections on Health

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Reflections on Health
100% All natural products

Nutritional Supplements

Bio Vea Betaine HCL with pepsin 650mg 90 tablets

Betaine HCL: Natural Stomach Acid For Healthy Digestion • Digestive Support • Hydrochloric Acid Source • Helps Digest Protein Rich Foods

Bio Vea Probiotic Complex 100 capsules

Probiotic Complex: A combination of probiotic bacteria for optimum health • Provides four billion viable organisms of four different healthy strains • Restores the.

TRB B6, B12 and Folate 60 softgel capsules

Our B6, B12 and Folate supply activated forms of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), folate (folinic acid and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5'-phosphate) for enhanced absorption and bioactivity. All three of these B-vitamins are essential for optimal health and numerous reactions in the body, including brain and nervous system function, homocysteine regulation, and nucleic acid synthesis. Provided as small easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules.

Seeking Health Multivitamin 240 vegetarian capsules

High potency, 5,000 mcg.A high concentration of biotin, an essential B-vitamin, is provided for situations requiring aggressive supplementation.

Seeking Health Histamine Block 60 capsules

Histamine Block by Seeking Health supports Healthy Degradation of Food-Derived Histamine. Enhances the Presence of Diamine Oxidase in the Digestive Tract.

Seeking Health L-5-MTHF(L Methyl Folate) 1,000mcg 60 capsules

L--5-MTHF 1000 by Seeking Health uses 1,000 mcg of pure non-racemic l-methylfolate in an easy-to-deliver capsule. L-5-MTHF efficiently supports methylation, DNA biosynthesis, homocysteine metabolism, and nervous system function.* L-5-MTHF is easily absorbed and used by cells. It is the predominant folate in circulation and the only folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier.* L-5-MTHF is an active, methylated form of folate. It requires no additional metabolic steps to be used by the body, thus it is often the preferred choice for those with absorption or metabolic defects.

Seeking Health L-5-MTHF(L Methyl Folate) 1,000mcg 60 capsules

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Seeking Health Optimal Curcumin 100 veg capsules

Optimal Curcumin provides Meriva® brand turmeric, a unique turmeric-phospholipid complex with superior bioavailability. Turmeric has long been used as both a spice and in folk medicine to promote physiological balance in tissues affected by inflammation. Many of the beneficial actions of turmeric are purported to be due to antioxidant and regulatory mechanisms exerted by its component curcumin.

Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C - 5 ounce bottle

Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C provides 1000 mg of all natural Vitamin C per dose. Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C utilizes consistent 150 nm sized liposomes which facilitate our high potency Vitamin C. This Vit. C supports the immune system, the detoxification of harmful environmental and bacterial toxins allowing it to function at optimal capacity.

Seeking Health HistaminX - 60 capsules

HistaminX is a unique blend of natural bioflavonoids, bromelain, and extracts of stinging nettle and broccoli that may work together to provide allergy and inflammation support.* Flavonoid compounds in plants, such as quercetin, rutin, and luteolin, may support the body’s healthy free-radical defenses and help support a healthy immune system.*

Seeking Health Probiota Bifido 60 capsules

ProBiota Bifido by Seeking Health is a high-potency blend of four extensively researched Bifidobacterium strains that reside primarily in the mucosal lining near the terminus of the small intestine, as well as in the colon and the genitourinary tract. Probiota Bifido together with Histamin X are used for support instead of the permanently discontinued Histamine Block.