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Servicing area: Woolooware, Cronulla, Sutherland shire, St George, Inner West

Secret Scent
“wind & water” - the study of natures flow of energy within our environment

wherever you live in the world , no matter how hectic your lifestyle maybe secret scent offer an accurate consultation over the phone , facetime or skype, assessing & evaluating your individual requirements

Secret Scent Aromatherapy

Host an Aromatherapy Party

Get together with your friends and host a girl's night in!

  • learn about aromatherapy
  • discover the secrets of Feng Shui
  • free & discounted products
  • pure essential oils at affordable prices
  • professionally hand-made Australian products
  • great host incentives
  • pamper & learn to heal yourself naturally

For more information, contact Sharen on 02 9544 3617 or 0413 952 495

Sales Career Opportunites

We are currently recruiting sales representatives to run our aromatherapy parties.

The parties are held in the comfort of the client's own home who invite their friends and relatives to learn, try and purchase Secret Scent's beautiful products. It is a chance for friends to socialise and pamper themselves in a relaxed, fun and scent-alicious atmosphere.

At a Secret Scent party, representatives give product demonstrations, inform clients of the therapeutic properties of essential oils and other products and answer any queries.

We provide full training to suitable applicants, the hours are flexible and you can earn up to 35% commission, as well as bonus rewards, incentives and discounted products.

Applicants must be friendly, outgoing, have excellent communication skills and posses a genuine desire to increase knowledge of aromatherapy and to help people. They must be prepared to work when clients are available, which can involve evening and weekend work.

Are there any costs involved?

To begin your career as a Secret Scent representative, you will need to purchase a demonstration kit for $550. The kit contains $1350 worth of products and payment can be made in 3 easy instalments.

Show me the money!

Commissions earned by a consultant at a Secret Scent party are based
on the following table:

Party Sales

$0 - $2000
$2000 - $3000


Commissions earned outside a party will be the same as above, except where wholesale sales are made. Wholesale commissions are paid at a flat rate of 20%. (All commissions are based on ex-GST sales).

inSCENTives and Bonuses



will be paid if the consultant conducts more
than 8 parties in 1 calendar month.

will be earned if total sales exceed $5000 in 1 calendar month.

For every new consultant you recruit - once they have achieved $1000 in sales, plus you will continue to earn 1% of all their future sales.

(All bonuses are based on ex-GST sales).

So, where do I sign?

Becoming a Secret Scent representative is easy - contact us today for the simply application form, fill it out and return it to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aromatherapy For Feng Shui

Secret Scent’s Sacred Chi products contain essential oils of sage, rosemary, lemon myrtle and juniper and will help release negative vibrations while regenerating positive chi (energy).

Sacred Chi Room Refresher

Sacred Chi Essential Oil

Sacred Chi Roll On Balm - $20

Oil burners also available

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